HACU Internship Program

I am really happy to have the opportunity to apply for internship program at the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). My motivating factors is as a result of the ideal opportunities presented by HACU National Internship Program of exploring a variety of career options available within the federal government and the corporate sector through HACU National Internship Program being the largest Hispanic internship program in the country.

I believe that such internships will allow me to work with professionals, asking questions, and be able to determine whether employment with a particular federal agency or a company is really a path that one would want to take in future. I also have vast of experience after working for a year at the Internal Revenue Service as a customer service representative. I would take calls from taxpayers and would help answer questions about their account, help fill out many types of complex forms, transfer credits, find and send out refunds among other duties. I have had numerous other work experiences that further enhance my qualifications for this program. I was motivated to apply to HACU since they assist students willing to work with federal government while on internship, and my resume enumerates the various positions I have held and what the positions have in common is an emphasis on serving the public efficiently.

I therefore aim to focus in the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)-HACU program that provides scholarships of up to 50% of the full program fee to study at Richmond, the American International University in London, England. I believe that as a student I will gain work experience as part of a special internship program where I will be placed with an international company in the field of my interest. I also believe that this program will enable me to serve as a professional and global network for alumni and interns, provide leadership and service to current HACU collegiate program participants and finally advance the mission and goals of HACU in the area of collegiate programs.

"Lastly, and most outstandingly, I wish to accentuate how obtaining this internship program with regards to Financial Management at HACU National Internship Program will contribute awfully to my personal and professional goals. Most obviously, as I think anyone who has attended HACU National Internship Program can attest, the program will bolster my ability to engage in economic analysis of public policy, will strengthen my decision-making abilities and will bless me with highly-developed integrative skills permitting simultaneous evaluation of the analytic, management and advocacy issues pertaining to a specific policy matter. By honing these skills to an elite level, I expect to see - from a strictly professional stand-point - my ability to move laterally as well as upwardly increased considerably; I also anticipate that the rigorous education I receive at HACU National Internship Program will give me the personal contentment that can only come through laborious study and constant self-reflection."



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