Robert Frost’s

In my view, Robert Frost’s ‘The Silken Tent’ is not only a love poem, but also a metaphor. This is because Frost describes the kind of relationship he has not only with his beloved, but also with his hobby, which is poetry. Written in the style of Shakespeare, Frost chooses simple sentences written in fourteen lines. The writer uses connection with the natural environment and his roots in New England to express individual affairs and love. This is asserted when, for instance, in line ten he writes ‘the countless silken ties of love’.

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Personal Opinions

In my opinion,  the poet gives us a calm and contented depiction of a woman at peace with the world around her. The ‘supporting central cedar pole’ is an indication of a masculine figure that supports the tent, a woman. I objectively agree with the poet, because it is an indication of how a woman is tied in place by love, loyalty, trust and care to all that is around her. This is inclusive of her husband, parents, family, and the society at large. 

The movement of the tent in the ‘capricious summer of the air’ also depicts that women tend to do playful and naughty things, especially when it is warm. This warmth is also represented by the ‘summer air’. However, the woman in this setting is stridently reminded of her responsibility; duty calls her to return to her place of accountability.

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Moreover, the poem is made up of a comprehensive development of a simile that makes a comparison, which exists between a silken tent and a woman. What Frost is asking me is to envision the circular “compass round” which is centrally supported by a pole made from cedar. Again, the pole is supported by ropes, the ‘guys’, who are fastened on the ground. This is an indication of stability.

The ‘sureness of soul’ is another depiction of the woman’s spiritual strength. The woman lifts her eyes ‘heavenward,’ even as the centre pole is still loosely bound to the earth, being an indication of the numerous silken ties of love and thoughts, which the woman has to everything on earth. In my view, this indicates that the woman is still bound to a number of people not only by affection, but also by concern. These are her immediate relations like husband, children, parents and the community.

Personal Experience

My experience allows me to suggest that the poem indicates the sense of security that those of us who live in the developed world have. In actual sense, ‘the ties of love and thought’ reminds about many organizations and laws that protect me like rules in the university.  As a result, I become truly aware of the ties, yet sometimes I forget that I am bound by rules and regulations.

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This unusual work by Frost provides a potent visual image indicating that an individual obtains spiritual strength and sovereignty from the dedication he or she has to others. Consequently, freedom does not come as a result of total absence of restraints, but from some kind of slight bondage. 

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