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This essay investigates the literature available on “Black Friday…Grey Thursday”. According to literature available, this production stems from the retail industry in America that has become more robust in its marketing strategies. As such, the players attempt to make every possible gain in the market with regards to attracting customers. In fact, this has resulted in a situation whereby marketers erect billboards anywhere or raise banners bearing their names or their products in the hope that they will attract a greater market into buying their products. Indeed, holidays have ceased to be holidays as shopping malls stay open in order to make extra cash during the holidays.

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This piece is about a thanks giving day that usually lasts for a period of four non working days. This period is often dedicated for a shopping spree where people engage in what has been described as a non stop shopping. Although differing in names from one social community to the other, the fundamental idea is the same in Ramadan, Halloween as well as in Christian. According to literature available, these periods portrays people’s undying love for shopping. In fact, it is a general practice that has been there over the years that housewives would wake up at 3 in the morning in an attempt to beat the 4 am time when shopping malls open for the thanksgiving shopping. Although sociologists haven’t found a proper explanation to this, it is largely assumed that Black Friday was a bargain day between spouses. In fact, women would insist on waking up early in pretence that the day would not be enough for the whole shopping. On the other hand, men would hold that there should be a hurry as the shops would stay open all and night. Meanwhile, their bargains would wake up little kids from their sleep in the middle of the night as though Peter Pan were standing at the window inviting them to go shopping. Essentially, the retail industry has designed this story to justify their craze for more working hours due to the fact that it is the customers who are crazy for their services.

However, the piece tends to pass a clear message to the consumers that Black Friday does not exist because they like to go shopping; this day has been created by persons out to reap maximal benefits from their businesses. This explains the common belief that Black Friday will eventually swallow Thursday and consume all that is left of the American Thanksgiving day as people would be consumed in their shopping.

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