Sir Gawain’s Biography

In the whole world’s history, Sir Gawain remains one of the most mysterious and fascinating figures described in legends. He is the poet himself. Born in the king’s family, Sir Gawain had the traits characteristic of true kings. He was a descendant of the royal dynasty in the community of Orkney. This region is also known as Lothian. Gawain enjoyed a warm relationship with the fatherless king of Lothian. In the early Welsh literature, he is referred to as Gwalchmai. He is mentioned in nearly all the tales about Arthur. He plays a central function or role in all of the works involving Arthur.  His involvement with Arthur can be traced to the family relationships. The writers and researchers, who investigated his works, have concluded that he lived around 14th century. Analyzing the poets’ works and writings still cannot accurately define the time when he lived and created his masterpieces. All the recorded manuscripts have ceased to be regarded as his original works. They can be ranked either as 3rd or 4th lines of writing.

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Only four poems remain, which are believed to have been written by the strange poet called Gawain, the three of them being ‘Pearl’, ‘Purity’, and ‘Patience’. They follow the prose of poems in a narrative style and seem to have a specifically defined purpose. In the third alphabet, “The Pearl” conveys the sound of elegy which expresses the painful feelings of the writer. It is also notable that it is composed in Middle English. The fourth work of sir Gawain is ‘The Green Knight’. It portrays the romantic nature of this person’s life. The works have been presented in the Middle English, which is difficult to understand. For the current generation, most of his works have been interpreted to dig something from them. They have been based on the environment of middle North West.

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In the external environment, Sir Gawain has been referred to as the knight of the Round Table. This has received applause in the field of literature and poetry.  Belonging to this class and receiving significant recognition shows the amount of respect Sir Gawain commanded. The painting depicting Sir Gawain presents him as a formidable and ruthless warrior who is loyal and abiding to his family and to the king. He gets recognized by the young knights as a maiden knight. Others portray Sir Gawain as the defender and helper of the poor. In his ministry to king Arthur, he represented himself as an ambassador in Rome.

Sir Gawain received his early education in Rome. Here he sharpened his writing skills to a level that his future poems were not understood by many. While undertaking his education, he was knighted by Pope Sulpicius, who was ruling at that time. After his education was finished, he returned to his Motherland. The court of King Arthur became his way of life and environment. His horse received the name Gringalet. Sir Lancelot highly valued his warrior qualities. He received all these favors due to the relationship with the king. His status provided him with rather many adventures that ignited and inspired his writing imaginations.

Sir Gawain has been recognized by many modern poets for his extraordinary achievements and mentorship (Gardner). White, T. H. paints sir Gawain as a dedicated warrior who is able to meet his audience with courage. In all his references to sir Gawain, there is not a single mention of women he acquainted.  The works of White are superbly influenced by Gawain’s works.

The works, written by Sir Gawain, have encouraged many into writing. The complex way of writing was foreseen by other writers of his times to be understood by the next generations. His work has passed the test of time from generations to generations (Boria Sax). Development and the use of his works in poetry produced different styles of writing. The writers, who have learnt and emulated his works, have been propelled to better grounds.

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Using materials from myths and fiction, Sir Gawain was able to create stories that fitted the themes he chose. The achievements of his works show that he was also a victim of certain situations. As a result of the standards he was brought up in, he would not have received his education.

The work of a legend will remain worth researching and reading to all those who value literature and history even in the future.

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