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Othello’s last speech makes me feel sorry for him because I see him describing the circumstances through which he was deceived. He tells Lodovico that he must speak of a person who loved wisely, too well and “of one not easily jealous, but being wrought/ perplexed in the extreme” (Act 5, Scene 2 of Othello). Through these final words, Othello reviews the act of drama that the play was based. First, I see him as a proud hero and a dignified noble spirit. Secondly, he is deceived and his fall is engineered by forces outside his control. This is through the machinations of the cunning Iago who preys on the nature common to all people. I feel sorry for Othello because he condemns his actions as unwise but motivated by a positive force.

His final words deepens further my feelings for him because he breaks down despite being unused to the melting mood. He allows the expression of his sadness at his own fate and encourages Lodovico to record his teas. In the process of all these, he goes ahead to demonstrate a manoeuvre he perfected in the military. Drawing his sword, he tells Lodovico how he once came upon a Turk beating a Venetian, he then killed him violently and that is the same way that he is going to kill himself. The final words, “smote him, thus” are words preceding his stab. In the play Othello, different characters use the name Turk to refer to all the Christendom enemies and to anyone lacking in judgement morals and character. Picking on this, Othello characterizes himself with the same ideas. Despite starting the play as “far more fair than black,” he ends up turning into a “Turk” (Act 5, Scene 2 of Othello). I feel sorry for him because he becomes what he had always feared Venice might make him; a racial outsider. His final word summarizes his position at the end of the play. Othello dies as a murderer and an outcast despite beginning as a noble man and that develops my feeling for him and emphasizes the tragedy of his down fall.

Othello. Custom Othello Essay Writing Service || Othello Essay samples, help

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