An Analytical Understanding of the Works of Frost and Bishop

Life’s challenges come every day. It could not be denied that these challenges are the ones that makes up a person and allows one to become the best of what he could be. Likely, this is the reason why it is important to realize that these particular events in life are simply the stepping stones that human individuals must actually be thankful for. The developments and the personal advancements that human individuals take practically become easier as one tends to realize the lessons taken from the experiences that they are able to meet every day. Naturally though, these learning points are further defined through the understanding of humans as to how these matters should actually affect them personally. In a considerable manner, this is the practical reason why most poets utilize this theme to represent their understanding about life and how the different elements of its existence practically makes a great definition of what human development is all about.

Among the poets who intended to use these matters as part of their writing craft’s presentations are Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Frost. Two particular poems of Elizabeth Bishop that defines this particular theme are “The Fish” and “The Moose”. Under the same theme is that of Robert Frost’s “Two Look at Two”. Within the discussion that follows, an analysis and comparison of these poems shall be presented in connection with the theme presentation that they handle in connection with the procedures by which humans try to face the different challenges that life offers them daily. First to note though is that of the basic understanding of who these poets are and how they were able to find the most common ground in establishing a proper understanding of what life challenges are actually for.

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Understanding Frost and Bishop

Both noted to be among the most celebrated poets in the American literary classics, Bishop and Frost are considered to be the institutions that set forth the most radical patterns that other poets in the country follow. The themes that they use and the procedures of presentation that they handle basically create a definite interpretation of the message that they aim to send to their primary target readers. To be able to define a deeper understanding about the themes that they consider to represent their messages to the readers, certain utilization of forms of speech are noted by the said poets.

Within the poems “The Fish”, “The Moose” and “Two Look at Two”, both Bishop and Frost tried to represent their messages to make a considerable effect on their readers through the use of figures of speech. Simile was among the most common form of figure of speech that these poets utilized. Basically, the understanding that they wanted to send towards their readers define the being of the characters that they use to represent the direct reference that they are supposed to mandate as part of human living. Using the fish, the moose, Elizabeth tries to make a definite effect on how humans could relate to the characters of these animals and gain an understanding on how they could actually be used as reference to the different characteristics of humans. On the other hand, using a couple as the main characters of his poem, Robert Frost was able to represent the emotions and the characteristics that makes humans capable of dealing with life as it is in a manner that responds to their personal need of development. Understandably, it could be considered that the utilization of the said representations of the words that are practically pinpointed by the authors have made these poems more meaningful giving way to different points of analysis coming from the readers of the said literary creations.

What the Poems are about

As noted on the introductory part of this discussion, it could be observed that the theme utilized to mandate the presentations in the poems of Frost and Bishop intricately involves the focus upon the existence of understanding how challenges in life occurs and how humans should be able to manage to deal with these serious matters of consideration that directly imposes personal development among individuals. It could be sensed that somehow, picking the right words and the right representations of these matters makes all the sensible presentations used within these poems basically send out the right kind of definition of message that the poets practically want to send out to their readers.

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On the part of Robert Frost’s writing, it could not be denied that his understanding of how human emotions redefine their characters as individuals related to others, essentially perceive the existence of human development based on the different relationships that they are able to establish. The exacting definition that Frost imposed in pointing out the important existence of love and moving on represented through the deer which was an epitome of reference that Frost used to endearingly relate to the understanding of how humans respond to challenges of letting go has made this poem directly relative to the presentation on how humans survive the most tying times of living.

The Use of Representations and the Analogy of Symbolisms

Animals have often been used by poets to redefine the messages that they are sending their readers. It could be sensed that their personal understanding and the general knowledge that the society has in connection with the existence of these creatures basically promotes a definite relative realization on how these animals are basically capable of providing the most definitive sense of providing practical knowledge on the part of the readers and how they relate to the message of the poets.

In an effective and practical manner, animals have been used by both Frost and Bishop as they try to create a correlation between the human thinking and the fable-like representation used to relate them to the being of the animals and the matters that they [the animals] have to deal with everyday. The fish, the deer and the moose were all shown by the poets to have a considerable sense of presenting the amicable proposition on how humans should be able to handle hardships that are presented to them by life.

Bishop for example represented the life of humans as they try to deal with problems through time and how sometimes being weary breaks them and their defenses down making it easier for them to simply decide to give up everything. The fish was pictured to have been able to fight at least five catches and escaped the hooks that were supposed to take him. When he was finally tired and probably exhausted from fighting, he finally gives up and allowed himself to be taken by one fisherman. On the other end, this fisherman decided to let him go in respect to the life that he has lived and the strong ways by which he fought for his personal safety. Understandably, it could be understood that the respect for the being of a person who never gives up in times of deep troubles and hardships in life creates a definite indication of what lies ahead and what chances he or she has in becoming more successful even at the break of finally giving up.

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Meanwhile, the moose and the deer were utilized by Frost and Bishop to show how humans tend to move on from all the failures that they may have encountered in the past. Lingering too long with all the matters of the past has been pointed out within these poems as practically withstanding hindrances that imposes the cessation of the development of an individual. What has been done in the past has been done. Understanding the fact that trying to change the past would not make so much difference anymore should provide an individual the right realization that the present situation is what matters most to redefine the future that awaits him or her.


Life is a circle of ups and downs that makes a person stronger. However, it is not always easy to pick up the pieces of a broken spirit once the thoughts of giving up comes in. This is the reason why the poets Bishop and Frost were able to reassure the existence of victory over breakage when a person realizes his own capability to survive the challenges of life. Viewing all the challenges as important pictures of success and development that makes life even more exciting, an individual would be best able to manage his personal being of realizing the best out of what he could become as he chooses to put his being together from every blows of life’s hardships and become a renewed person each time he gains victory from all these. 

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