Who Moved My Cheese Analysis

The character in the book ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ who is more like me is Haw.  Haw has leadership traits and is explorative as well as a risk taker. His leadership skills are depicted in the way he provides direction for finding a solution and when they can’t find the cheese. He proposes that they look for cheese somewhere else since they’ve constantly missed it at Station C. As a leader he enters the maze and after experiencing it he goes back to find Hem and lead him the way. When Hem refuses, haw goes on to achieve his vision and still hoping Hem will follow him, he leaves trails to make it easier. When he finally finds the cheese he opts not to look for Hem but as a leader to let him find his way as a sign of growth. He looks for other ways of solving the problem instead of relying on the one that does not bring results. This is why Haw keeps on proposing for a search of new cheese. Haw doesn’t stick to the same old routines and he is not afraid to try out new things. He takes risks in exploring and believes in finding a solution by taking that direction. This makes him explorative and a risk taker. Haw patiently waits for his friend Hem to buy his idea of exploring other ways but seeing nothing taking place, he decided to do it alone. He is an individual who beliefs in his ideas and goes for it without allowing anyone to distract him or drag him. This also shows that Haw is flexible to change as compared to Hem who is rigid. Hem is used to finding Cheese at Station C and is always expecting to find it there, while Haw is ready to find it anywhere else.

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I am a leader in church leading the ushers. At one point I suggested we get uniforms for at least two Sundays a month to differentiate ourselves from other church members. A few of ushers didn’t buy the idea even after convincing them for a year. I went a head implementing it my buying mine. It looked good on me and some ushers appreciated it but still the few were stagnant. The ones who had appreciated bought their uniforms one by one until almost all ushers had uniforms and the church members congratulated us. I saw no need of convincing the two stagnant ushers as they later found it within themselves to do so in order to fit in.

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