Shakespeare vs. Orwell

Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian novel where the protagonist rebels against the government’s regime of war, surveillance, propaganda-style mind control, and lack of individual rights. The protagonist Winston Smith is involved in frequent periods of sleep and subsequent dreams. The art of nightmares and dreams as used in the book creates a dystopian vision which reveals the reveals the literary relevance in the book. George Orwell allows us to gain insight into the psychology of Winston and find out how the dystopian world has affected him. In the dreams, we find that Winston blames himself for his mother’s disappearance which happened at the hands of big brother. Winston does not know how to deal with his guilt and he tries to suppress them but the problems surfaces as the dreams. In the dreams, he is in a position to comfort the big brothers but they are dying. The rebel continues against big brother and his dreams allow him to access his inner memory in his conscious mind and thus allow him to realize that her death was not his fault.

Orwell’s book is incredibly intense and the pictures brought out describe the boot and its stamping of a human face in all the detail that frightens everyone from the pessimistic ideologies to the idealistic optimists. The book is written from the most profound conviction that the future included could indeed happen when motivated by societies like in a case where the big brother had already existed in large part before the book was written. The book is a touchstone of the culture we live in and entails the way it functions as a warning. The book is written in a manner that it can change the society because it takes itself seriously and it depicts the would be a thought-crime of the first order. This makes it clear that the writer thinks power and discipline permeate all areas of society.

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On the other hand Romeo and Juliet is classified as a tragedy and it resembles other comedies more than the other tragedies. The lovers in the book are brought out to battle with authority as they thread their way through obstacles that were set up by middle aged vanity and impercipience. The book contains parents who are stupid and who do not know what is best for their children or themselves. Shakespeare begins his book with the materials for a comedy which involves the period of the stupid parental generation. It goes ahead to include the instant attraction of the young lovers and the quick surface that life of street fights including the masked balls and comic servants.

The book Romeo and Juliet is a transitional play in which Shakespeare merges the comedic elements perfected in his earlier work with tragic elements that he used  later to perfect the great tragedies. The mixture of styles even though is important for Shakespeare, hurts Romeo and Juliet who should not have been hurt after undergoing the long straggle. The great tragic heroes portrayed in the book are devoid of the inner struggle unlike in cases where the heroes of the play are content with external forces that impede a relationship. This in the end makes a great tragedy. This is a book that depicts the nineteenth century play and it is performed with relatively little dramatic alteration. It is a book with the mainstay of the English stage that has the advent of motion of mind pictures that allows the play to reached mass audiences.

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