Getting the Message Through

The capability of the military battalion to send messages in and out of the camp where they are situated at camp is a very important part of becoming well aware of the situations happening around them which may have an effect on how they are practically managing their war tactics. The book “Getting the Message Through” is a compiled report on how military men during the war years of history tried their best to develop the ways by which they are able to send out their messages to other branches of their army. This book of historical account basically notes the importance behind the said advancement in military communication and how these particular improvements provide the best essence of effect on the part of the society living in the current generation.

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The third chapter of the book particularly discusses the particular phase of the history of army communications whereas developments where strongly imposed. Between the years 1891-1898, it could be observed that the well imposed position of the military men with regards the serious approach that they want to push forward for the sake of developmental military communication indeed gained its fruit. During the postwar with Spain, the Military organization was able to promote paper-based messaging system that was later on developed in the form of telegraphing communication. The developments never ceased and the communication procedures continuously transformed towards a more sophisticated system of connection between branched out battalions. From this chapter of the reading, it could be seen how the military operations and the pursuance towards the success of these matters actually preempt to provide the most evaluative approach in defining the military’s part in developing human communications further towards modernity that every individual around the globe enjoys today. Yes, this is the reason why at present, message transmission is already an established activity that everyone could be enjoined with. 

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