Notre Dame de Paris

The Notre Dame de Paris is a large church cathedral that is situated in the eastern part of Paris. This cathedral has been in existence for very many years. The foundation stone of this building was laid in the year 1162. The construction of the cathedral was then competed in the year 1345. This massive building has remained in the minds of many as one of the great architectural designs in France. Visiting Notre Dame de Paris brought a lot of joy in my heart. The skillful construction is very beautiful that one would not resist the urge to pay it a visit one more time. The size is quite large and spacious that many thousands of people can congregate at any one particular time. 

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Functions that always take place inside the Notre Dame de Paris

Many activities have taken place inside Notre Dame de Paris. The activities dominantly belong to the religious circles. The present orientation is set to accommodate the Catholics. Pagan worship and other worshipers of idols have in the past used this building to offer their sacrifices.  The building has however been sanctified and set apart for the Roman Catholic worship. Many catholic sculptures exist inside the cathedral. These were placed after the restoration that took place in the year 1390.

Architectural design

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The cathedral was build using the new gothic style that was so common in the ancient days. The dimensions of the room are overwhelmingly big. The cathedral is 128 meters long. The height reaches the 69 meter mark. The tower is 226 feet tall. This is an amazing piece of art. History has it that the spire of the cathedral was added in the 19th century to its present 90 meter height. The windows of the cathedral are quite large. The present window has a diameter of 13 meters. Many independent sculptures have been installed at various parts of the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral. Key among them is the 28 Judean kings array. 

The front side of the cathedral has three massive portals onto which the Judean kings sculptures rest. The buttresses, which are placed on the eastern side of the cathedral measure up to 15 meters in length. These wide beautiful flies are magnificent. Many present cathedrals have been built with inspiration from this Notre Dame de Paris technology.

The cathedral is situated in a very spacious place. A very big packing space follows right after the cathedral structure. This space is quite beautiful and attractive. The trees also match the beauty embraced within. Most trees that were planted are of indigenous genre. This helps to preserve the culture and tradition as intended. The stone used to do the construction were of high quality. The brown color fits beautifully to the cathedral setting. The ancient look of the cathedral has always been presented whenever any renovations are done. This is aimed at preserving the ancient look that existed.

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The cathedral is satiated next to a very beautiful water site from the south. This makes it even more attractive. Most items in the cathedral have meanings that are attached to events that have often taken place in life. The kings of Judah sculpture is one example. This makes the art so significant and relevant to history. Another western side of the cathedral has a series of sculptures showing the end of the world and judgment. The twelve apostles are also designed in another corner of the cathedral. All these are very relevant to the Christian history.

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