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Sexuality in Permissive Society. Custom Sexuality in Permissive Society Essay Writing Service || Sexuality in Permissive Society Essay samples, help

 United States society has turned to become permissive society overtime. A permissive society allows liberality with regard to social norms that societies before them highly conserved. Some of the key areas that significantly affected by the change to permissive society are sexuality issues and religious factors. Consequently, a permissive society has increased freedom on sexuality and reduced religious practices. Having stated that American society is a permissive society with regard to sexuality, this paper seeks to expound on the situation of sexuality focusing on some of the defining factors.

To understand the state of America as a permissive society, there are different questions are worth looking at. Firstly, it is essential to understand the indications of this liberal trend. Secondly, having considered the current situation, it is possible to draw a comparison with the previous society, which was restrictive. The most outstanding sector that portrays the new permissiveness in America is entertainment; films, television, and theatre. Virtually all the films released in the recent past to date have nude scenes. It is exceedingly uncommon to watch a full movie, which lacks any form of sexual deviation explicitly incorporated in the storyline. In fact, the newly released films now range from fetishism, voyeurism, lesbianism, autoeroticism among other categories. Other films have themes that encourage sexual fantasies or even the exchange of sexual partners. Many people today, flock theatre where they go watch these unrestricted movies. It is clear that the society has accepted the permissiveness as the film industry is making a lot of money.

Secondly, the permissiveness is evident in the printing company. Every magazine stall in the America today has a wide variety of magazines that specialize in nude studies. The choice of magazines displayed also has varying degrees of eroticism. It has become competition as different publishers of nude magazines compete to satisfy their customers. Perhaps to bring caution to the sociologists, the availability of such materials is of considerable concern, especially with regard to the innocent section of the society: the children.

The advertising media is among one of the contributing factors and indicators of a permissive society America has become. Since many people in the society have accepted the permissiveness, advertisers have used this weak point to enhance the field of advertisement. Many company today, latch on sex, as a tool for encouraging attention from buyers. It is uncommon to find a product in stalls that have a semi-nude picture of a woman or a man. Unlike the other generations, which used the fairness of the skin, for example, the current trend has included other body parts to lure customers.

Entertainment industry including joints such as clubs, discos, or hotels has also incorporated sexual imagery, display, or performances. There has been an increasing number of strip clubs opening up too. These entertainment joints bring together many customers who get sexually arousing entertainment. The effect of visiting such places may be slow and less noticeable. However, addicts of the stripper’s entertainment may end up demanding similar services from their partners. The sexual revolution has traversed to the internet. Within the last few years, many websites registered encourage sexual practices. Initially, related websites focused on the improvement of sex within partners or married couples. However, erotic sites have shifted the focus to merely increasing the traffic of viewers and in the process losing meaning.

In conclusion, it is essential to acknowledge the challenge that social analysts face in measuring permissiveness in today’s society. This is because the media has been outrageously reporting both true and false facts about the sexual behavior previously accepted. Subsequently, this trend has affected the research into permissive, because of influence on people’s mind. However, in consideration of the above-mentioned points, it is evident enough that America is a permissive society.

Sexuality in Permissive Society. Custom Sexuality in Permissive Society Essay Writing Service || Sexuality in Permissive Society Essay samples, help

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