Agency and Power

There is immense pressure on youth of today in the direction of becoming valueable to society and to themselves. The youth needs to undertake tasks and complete them successfully, to build a sense of belonging. Today success becomes a measure of value and contribution to society by the particular individual.  The youths feel the pressure to have a successful career and take charge of their destiny. It is crucial for the youths of today to choose careers which they have a passion to posess and which appears to be of importance in the society. The careers they choose can be vital in solving the persistent problems facing the world in general.

The young people are struggling not only to be doctors, engineers, financiers and bankers, but also to have competence and agency while at it. Agency is the act of establishing relationships with fellow workers. It imparts being instrumental in the roles they play in the organization they work. Agency is significant as it enables the person to establish relationships which bring fulfillment and accomplishments. Competence involves being efficient and effective in the roles they play in the organization. It also involves performing the roles assigned at work. Competence at work brings fulfillment to the young people due to success and value attached to them in the organization (Wortham, 2011).

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To possess agency and competence, the youths must adhere to some of the basic principles and guidelines. Firstly, the young people must be availed with learning opportunities. Education is the basic principle to achieving a career. Illiteracy is the main enemy of the youths as many young people cannot secure jobs because of lack of education. To have a decent career, the young must value education because it enables them to become vital individuals and contribute to development in the society.

Secondly, the young people must possess the will power to undertake tasks and complete them. The young people need to be focused on their goals and objectives. The focus will enable them to contribute to society positively. They need to be focused on their careers, to achieve their goals and objectives. Peer influence can be a stumbling block to the goals and objectives of the young people. Laxity can lead to failure to take advantage of their learning opportunities.

Lastly, the role played by mentors and coaches to the youths in achieving agency and competence at their work must be emphasized. Association between the mentor and youths can ensure that the young people set goals and objectives that are viable and they remain committed to achieving them. Mentors are those people the youths look up to and respect (Vaillencourt, 1999). A coach can also contribute positively to the youths achieving agency and competence at the workplace. Coaches train and induct on how to achieve agency and competence. Coaches are mostly accomplished professionals at their work.

Workers can portray agency in the workplace through strong relationships and specialization. Good relationships at work can be exhibited through team work. Undertaking tasks at the workplace as a team can be an exhibit of the agency relationships in the organization. Successful completion of tasks can be a factor for creating agency in the organization. Successful integration of young people into such teams is vital for building agency and competence.

Specialization can also be an influencing factor in building agency and competence in the young people. The specialization model requires different individuals to perform different tasks that can be combined to achieve a common goal or objective for the organization. Specialization of the youths at the workplace can help them achieve agency, as they feel they are part of the process. It can also bring the feeling of belonging as they see their contribution to the organization.

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As a young man, to achieve agency I have taken the necessary and sufficient steps. To achieve a career I have invested in a quality education. Education is the tool through which we achieve the careers of our dreams. The second step to achieving agency is through emphasizing on core values of honesty, hard work, respect and trust. Through these values I will be able to establish relationships that will be beneficial in attaining agency. To gain competence at the workplace, I must be able to form relationships based on trust and mutual agency with other fellow workers.

Mentoring has also been calculated into my strategy. Interaction with the people I respect and admire is beneficial. I have often interacted with my role models and mentors so as to achieve my goals and objectives. The mentors and role models help me to stay on course in my journey to achieve agency and competence.

On top of the values needed to achieve agency are some more principles that keep me on the course: having meaningful goals, an innovative thinking, risk taking inclination, a long term outlook in life and spiritual intelligence. These values and principles can help me to achieve agency and my goals and ambitions in general.

The young people can be empowered through achieving agency. Empowerment of the youth will lead to better contribution to the society’s development agenda. The power to associate well with other people is utilized by the youth to satisfy their goals and ambitions. Communication is a valuable tool in achieving goals and ambitions of an individual. Effective communication requires the presence of a message, a sender, a receiver, besides, the message must be in a commonly understood language. Common language enables successful communication. People can understand others through speaking this language. Effective communication could lead to development of agency between individuals, which cannot be achieved if the language between them is not decodable.

The society marginalizes people according to many variables. One of the bases is by language. Society separates individuals according to their language and because of the lack of ability to comprehend their message. People listen to the ideas of others because they can understand the ideas they are communicated. If they cannot comprehend what is said, then such people shun the speaker and ignore the message he was trying to pass. Therefore, society classifies people according to their languages and their abilities to comprehend their language in return.

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The other variable is job. The society classifies individuals according to their jobs and relative importance of these jobs to the society. The most common and basic form of classification is the division to blue collar and white collar jobs. White collar jobs are those that entail managerial, administrative or professional work while blue collar jobs are those suggesting manual work. The relative importance the society assigns to each kind of work varies. The value generated by the blue and white collar workers may be the same, but, because of a negative inclination to either, they tend to discriminate against one and encourage the other. In either case, the importance of agency cannot be emphasized enough. The working class must possess agency for them to succeed in their endeavors. It is through the agency that they can achieve teamwork and specialization.

Power can be defined as the capacity to perform or act effectively in a certain task or position. Language is the ability to communicate one’s thoughts and feelings through sounds, signals, gestures or written symbols. Multiple intelligences involve differentiating single abilities into many cognitive abilities (Kincheloe, 2004). Agency can be related to power, language and multiple intelligences. Agency involves being instrumental at the role played, that generates effectiveness in the position an individual occupies. Agency can also be related to multiple intelligences, in the case that people have different skills and abilities. They use these abilities to build the relationships based on agency. Finally, for the agency to be established the workers must communicate in a language which they can comprehend. Through speaking a common language individuals are able to achieve their common goals and objectives.

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