Diversity and Social Responsibility

Johnson & Johnson has more than 116,000 members of staff spread in over 57 countries across the globe. Their products are sold in over 175 countries in the world. The company has over 230 companies that manage their own ways of working. The company has a creed of ethics that they has been in operation for more than 60 years and states the responsibilities the organization has to the customers, staff, shareholders, and the community that has continued to support the company and has provided the environment for the company to thrive in (Feldman, 2004). The company believes that focusing its efforts on the customers, staff and the community, the shareholders are able to receive a fair return for their investment. The creed engages the company in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in areas the company operates. The company needs to focus on the creed of ethics and ensure the creed is over time in line with the changing aspects of the society. The creed should focus on other aspects of the CSR such as assisting the needy and not just focusing on the environment (Rees, 2010).

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Johnson & Johnson has been engaged in a number of  in program and partnerships with groups and other companies, in their effort for a better environment and enabling sustainable growth (Kinicki, 2003). Some of the efforts the company is involved in include reduction in consumption of resources and reduction of waste, waste, energy and water management. The CSR efforts are mostly focused on the environment and they does not focus on other issues that affect people’s daily lives. The company should address these issues and ensure its CSR also affects other issues that affect people’s daily lives (Bower, 1997).

Johnson & Johnson social responsibility and their application of ethics in the society has a greater effect on our society. The issues of ethics addressed by the company management include selfless service to society, caring for the environment and responsibility of the people around us (Alsop, 2006). Other organizations should develop ethics creed and focus their efforts for the production and services in an environment that benefits the staff, customer, society and the stakeholders.

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