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Socialization and development basically refers to a lifelong process that involves the inheriting and dissemination of ideologies, norms and customs that provide an individual with the habits and skills that are necessary for participating within their societies (Chinoy, 62). The family is therefore one of the important sources of a person’s socialization a process that leads to desirable outcomes that a particular family upholds and therefore impacts on their own. It is therefore learning experiences the human infants acquire skills that are necessary for him or she to perform as an important functioning member of society it takes various forms.

The basic factor of socialization is the family since that is where an individual grows. Each family has their own belief systems and values and customs especially based on the ethnic community from which they arise (Chinoy, 62). For instance my community values hospitality and in this case I also become welcoming even to strangers. We value local and traditional meals and in this case even as I grow up it becomes my best meal. My family always goes for vacation out of the country since we are rich in this case I also aspire to maintain the tradition since this is what I got socialized into.

The economic status of the family will also influence an individual in that it will determine many of the individual’s habits. A child brought up in a well up family will attend good schools, will get used to good food and generally will have everything at their disposal. They will also attend good schools and this obviously means their performance will be superb since they do not struggle much and have a welcoming environment for learning (Clausen, 67). This can be said of me since coming from a rich family I was socialized into affluence and desire for high goals. Since I had all I need my grades were high and as much was expected of me I was well behaved and even planning to go for higher studies since I have the resources.

 The family’s religion also affects the kind of person one becomes, one is always socialized into the family’s or parent’s religious belief and set up such that if a parent is a Christian then obviously the child grows up in the Christian norms and upholds the beliefs and norms of this religion. Personally I grew up in a Christian family and this has shaped my beliefs in for instance the fact that my family will also be raised in the same way and I do what entails being a Christian like always attending church services and giving to charity.

The family is therefore a great agent of socialization and development. In this case it shapes ones believe systems and the kind of life one leads  .this is in terms of religion, social economic standing and the morals , social and belief systems that one subscribes to or upholds.

Socialization and Development. Custom Socialization and Development Essay Writing Service || Socialization and Development Essay samples, help

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