Reconsidering Immigration

. Considering the many immigrants to United States, Mexican migration has been a major concern for United States- Mexico bilateral relationship since the year 1900s. This has made United States immigration legislation more restrictive to the individuals migrating to the states. Mexican migration has remained to be unique because of some characteristics it poses. First, Mexican immigration shows some differences because of its contiguity and their concentration in a particular region, in the state. These immigrants have occupied the southwest part of California. Considering the fact that immigration is normally symbolized by the states of liberty, Mexican immigrants cross the border often easily.

Another characteristic making it unique is the question of numbers. Mexican immigrants to the state are over seven million, which is about 27 percent of the total immigrates to United States. It has been very substantial during the past decades for understandable reasons of its cost and risk of migration, which is low and minimal. The illegality of immigration, which is overwhelming, is also a unique characteristic to the Mexican immigration. Records in United States shows that a huge number of immigrants to the state have been Mexicans. Being the largest immigrants proportion to United States, Mexicans immigration unique characteristics are important in their relationship, in that united states has to device ways on how to stop there immigration nature. Considering also the fact that there exist a large gap between the two countries economic development, United States has to work harder in order to maintain their national identity, cultural integrity as a country.

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Q2. Much discussion has been brought forward on how the Muslim Americans find themselves different with the mainstream American culture. American Muslim includes African-American who has been integrated in the Islamic community and is seeking to respect and affirmation cultural identity as African-American. First of all, the fact that Muslim American was considered as terrorist long before they migrated to America, American have placed them in a category of evil doers and so fitting to the mainstream culture is a problem. The backing of the Islamic groups, like the Ikhwan al-Muslimin, who is never in agreement on the form of political action in United States, has also created a difference among them. The tension they experience in trying to remain attached to their cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious roots and yet they want to adapt to the new home is a big difference. Their work schedule has not allowed them to have a five times daily salat prayers or even a Friday congregation prayers. In addition, the schools in terms of their eating facilities are not set up to the lives and practices of American Muslims.

On the other hand, the pervasiveness of use of alcohol in America and their acceptance of immodesty in their dressing and sexual permissiveness has been a negative influence to the Islamic faith especially the young community. Mosque governance is also taking a pattern of protestant churches like Baptist hence being a challenge to the Islamic community. Their ideologies on their conservativeness and traditionalists have put them at odds with the secularism of American values in that the Muslim modernist try to be transmitters of their values while still working with the American democratic tradition framework. One of the things that have been done to address these potential conflicts is that the Islamic communities have established communities of the mosque such as the Central Jersey Islamic society to try to escalate fears of the Muslim. They do this by correcting a misunderstanding about themselves through lecturers and programs. Students have also formed Muslim student associations on various campuses to help coordinate the activities of the students still upholding their cultural values.

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