Social Learning Model

Deviance behavior refers to the personal actions relating to the character which not necessarily meet the rules and norms of a given group in the society. This normally includes the values and norms of a given culture which forms the moral code of ethics in any given culture. The social control deviant reflects all the efforts set in place to foresee the attainment of conformity to the norms

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                     Social learning model

Gambling is viewed as an operant character that is addictive to individuals in the society. The model brings out clearly that money is a major mode of transacting activities on acquiring more property. It is the individual behavior’s background that initiates him/her into the gambling. It is proven to have an impact as it reinforces the livelihood of people engaged in.  Arousal is the key factor that forces people into gambling in order to attain their different psycho -physiological arousal needs. Other mechanisms that give rise to gambling may include depression, cognitive distortions, sub-cultural beliefs, social and institutional determinants and other fantasy about your wellbeing.


Excessive gambling: Social controls

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The US has put many efforts in bringing conformity to the law of the criminal justice system that includes courts, police and other correctional institutions. Through the social control system, agents with legitimate authority who have the mandate of ensuring all the citizens abide by the law.   The officials have a specified status in the bureaucratic unit which they are able to sanction all the wrongdoers who violate the formal code.


This is a common and increasing activity that has resulted to multifarious social, economical and health problems to the affected persons in the society. Those involved are lured into it with the aim of enriching themselves which in turn ruins their miserable lives. A lot of money is lost during the gambling process. They engage in gambling like in the lotteries, binge Bingo and others that may include winning trips to visit other cities like Las Vegas.

Effects of Gambling

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Gambling is a common behavior that has spread across the globe. Most people engage in it in order to enrich themselves while other are carried away into it for their own personal desires.  The excessive drinking of alcohol is closely associated with the gambling among many victims in most situations. The money shortage in the family to sustain their savings and the original belonging may also lead people into it. Generally, gambling has many impacts on the overall life of the infected and affected persons. It affects the feelings of the family due to 


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