What Impact on Behavior Does One's Location in the Social Structure Have

) What impact on behavior does one's location in the social structure have? Is it more important than race or gender?

            One’s location in the social structure affects influences the behavior and attitude of every individual.  Thereby, one’s location is more important than race since the attitudes and behaviors can be duplicated across race but location character development culture is usually minimized to a specific locality. Gender stratification is brought about by unequal access to and poor distribution of economic resources.  Equally, race remains a misconception that has been defeated by legal processes that have curtailed discrimination based on stereotypical dogmatic views that some races are more intelligent and superior than other races. Either way location is more important than race than gender since location defines one’s attitude towards self such that racial differences dissolve, but gender remains intact even if location is changed. 

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2) What is resocialization? Give an example of how resocialization is a part of life.

            Resocialization is theory that proposes that identity keeps changing and shifting as roles and events in life keep transformation in the life of an individual. There are two steps towards resocialization; the firstly step is stripping of former self and values. The second step is acquiring the new form of expected obligations and values attached to that lifestyle. A free man entering prison life must be stripped and washed before being given new clothes, rules and code of conduct. In Prison, the man leans to survive by new rules and methods as a different person altogether until another transformation occurs again.    

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