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Divorcing America. Custom Divorcing America Essay Writing Service || Divorcing America Essay samples, help

The phrase that America has been divorced by most of the countries in Europe means that the international relations between the two continents have declined significantly (Roskin, et al, 2010). Therefore, majority of the European countries have withdrawn their investments and trade dealings from the United States of America. The divorce has occurred as a result of strained relations in terms of conflicting policies, regulations and rules imposed by the American government towards its international dealings with the European countries. The major reason for the reduced close ties is the sharp decline in Europe’s relative influence in the affairs of the world. This has to a large extent been attributed to the shrinking European economy as well as its aging and shrinking economy. Another additive occurrence to the weakened relations is the prevailing European fiscal woes. These woes have led to further reduction in the military capabilities and thus, leading to a decline in event shaping ability by Europe in other world parts. The other reason as to why there are no longer close relations between the United States and Europe is the anticipated decrease in intimate and cooperative partnership in security. This will come about due to the absence of an external common enemy. Therefore, the presence of American military personnel has steadily declined in Europe. Simply put, the Europeans experience no threat hence Americans have a very limited scope of role to play. Lastly, the relationship gap has widened due to the United States strategic focus shift towards Asia caused by the foreseeable security competition. Thus, Europe has no role in the competition hence little incentive for its involvement.

            However, the above reasons do not imply that America and Europe are going to become enemies. Thus, the best response by the nationals of the two continents will be the adaption and acknowledgement of the changed tendencies. This will be better rather than the engagement in efforts that are futile in historical tides holding back

Divorcing America. Custom Divorcing America Essay Writing Service || Divorcing America Essay samples, help

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