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Asian Americans are the Americans who have Asian descent, Asians being people who have origins from the original people of the south East Asia, Far East or the Indian sub continent. As a result of their recent immigration, it affected the new Asian immigrants to have different educational, economic and other characteristics. They also pose different employment and settlement patterns in the United States.

            African Americans are also commonly known as the Black Americans. They are citizens of the United States  having their origins in any black population in Africa. Majority of the Black Americans resulted from the survival of the African captives during the slavery era within the boundaries of the present United States. Some were also descendants of the African immigrants, Immigrants from Central American, Caribbean or South American Nations.  (Holloway, 2005)

            Pacific Islander is the term used to define the indigenous inhabitants of the three major sub regions that includes: Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Oceania. Polynesia were the islands scattered across a triangle that covered the East-Central region of Pacific Ocean. Melanesia on the other hand includes the island of New Guinea, Admirally islands, Bougainville Island, Solomon Islands and Santa Cruz Islands. Micronesia includes the Island of Kiribati, Guam, Nauru, and Palau.

            White American companies of these people in the United States who consider their own selves white. White people on the other can be referred to as the white people with origin in any of the original people of the Middle East, North Africa or Europe. Caucasian is a word usually commonly used with “white”.

            Hispanic and Latino Americans are those Americans whose origins are in the Hispanic countries of Latin America or in Spain. They can also be referred to as the people in the United States who identify as Hispanic or Latino. They are racially diverse thus forming an ethnic category rather than a race. Latino American residing in the Eastern United States prefer the term Hispanic whereas those in the west prefer the name Latino. They are the largest of all the minority groups.

            Native Americans are the indigenous people in North America with the boundaries of the continental United States, some regions of Alaska and the Island state of Hawaii. They comprise numerous tribes, states and ethnic groups. Majority of the tribes, states and ethnic groups survive as intact political communities.

Multicultural Matrix. Custom Multicultural Matrix Essay Writing Service || Multicultural Matrix Essay samples, help

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