A Personal Disaster

It’s a beautiful day. The Sky is the brightest shade of blue, the trees sway in the breeze, and the patches of cloud float overhead. When some people see a sight like this, they might take photograph or paint a picture to help them remember it. Others might lie on their back with a friend and talk about the shapes of the cloud and all about the season. And there are others who might write a poem about it. All people have a desire to share their visions, feeling, and ideas.

Man has always looked to the change of seasons to affect his mood. How frequently one hears, “When spring comes, I always feel better,” or, “I’ll go to Florida; once I see the sun again I’ll get a better outlook on life.” We associate spring and summer with liberation, elation, hopefulness; the long winter, with dreariness, confinement and despair.

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Though, the sun appeared as an ominous image. The sun, although life-giving, may also be promotive of lassitude and decay. The frigid weather acts as a preservative and may give the illusion of permanency.

No human being is immune to the feeling that he is affected by the weather or the seasons. We would like to project our problem on the weather so that it will change. How much more hopeful this seems than facing the reality that many of our difficulties are internal or interpersonal and often insoluble.

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The cyclothymic person is especially prone to looking to the seasons for help. The depressed patient inwardly looks for spring, the traditional period for rebirth. For him the hope is not that the passage of time will solve his problem but that the human condition can return to prior happier states. “it is winter now, but spring will come again as it always does.” For one person, this statement had the following meaning: He was severely depressed because in the middle age he “lost” his children.

Psychologically unable to see his children grow up and thereby end his role as a father, he felt their going off to college a personal disaster. He looked forward to spring with the secret phantasy that his family life could return to its former place just as the favoured season invariably returns. His children’s departure was just a horrible dream- like a bad winter. They were gone but would soon return. The reality that his children were now fully grown and would never return was too painful for him to accept. If only human relations were a going and returning as the seasons are.

In conclusion by imaging the season, one can feel what it must have been like to catch such an old, tough fish that has escaped so many catches before. In line with this, the season is experienced through the senses. As a baby, one probably put their rattle in the mouth to learn more about it. Someone’s beard is touched and the first flower smelled. You listen to music and the laughter of adults. You watch their faces for a smile or searched the toy box for that one bright toy that made you happy. We don’t question how we learned about the season, but the answer lies in the human five senses.

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It is often said that when one loses one of their senses, the other senses compensate and become even stronger. This definitely seems true, because by closing ones eyes and paying close attention to the environment, what other always overlook will be observed.

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