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Bantu is a particular race comprising of people with dark skin. Basically, these people migrated into Africa through a place known as zambesi. Many people in the world today have Bantu as their native language. For instance the number of people estimated to speak Bantu in the world exceeds 60 million. Some historians and anthropologists believe that the main origin of Bantu was Cameroon in Africa. On this note, they began to migrate from Cameroon over 3000 years ago.  According to Philoppso (23), the Bantu might have moved from Cameroon because of the increase in population. Consequently, their migration led to the split resulting into two groups. These include the Eastern and Western Bantu. Moreover, the Bantu is believed to be an ethnic group with distinct languages than any other ethnic group.


The Zhou dynasty is a well renowned empire in China that reigned in China for nearly a thousand years. As a result o their ruling influence to the Chinese, they caused a very big impact on the Chinese political and cultural framework for over the next two millenniums. According to (Ting 57) the Zhou lived with a certain ethnic group known as Shang in a province called Shaanxi. However, a certain leader of Zhou wanted to surmount the Shang. Subsequently, this resulted into a rebellion that led to a war which lasted for over three years. The Zhou emerged as the conquerors and reigned over the entire China.


Cyrus the great is a well renowned world leader who established the first world empire. Additionally, he managed to conquer the median dynasty and bringing together Medes with the Persians, thereby founding the Achemenids (Crompton). Basically, Cyrus had a plan to reign over the Mediterranean coast in order to the Asian Minor. This resulted into rebellion from an alliance formed by different groups. However, this alliance did not succeed to bringing Cyrus down as the Parthia and Armenian were associated with the Median Kingdom. Consequently, Cyrus expanded his empire to various regions. After His death, Cyrus left a legacy as a great warrior who founded the largest empire in history.

Bantu. Custom Bantu Essay Writing Service || Bantu Essay samples, help

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