Hunger Structure

Hunger structure is a type of psychological hunger related to the environment, and it has a direct relation to people. It calls for people to be stable and be structured in their daily life. Thus on several instances children get used to the structures they were introduced to at a tender age. More so, it is closely related to what we do on daily basis, like how do we arrange our desks at our work place and how we spend our time during the day and night. It should be noted that each individual has his or her own structure and this is very crucial as it ensures our satisfaction. In situations like those of children, who are used to the usual routine, when they come home from the school, you must come up with a number of solutions that best suits them. For instance, one can use games among younger children, but in the cases, where they are mature you can introduce them to reading before they take a bath before going to bed.

Approximate hunger is concerned with the relationship with other people in terms of their number and the approximate distance from each other; however, this refers to the relationship of people to one another, which plays a vital role in acknowledgement of other people. Despite this, they are verbal in nature this can go hand in hand with the substitution of physical contact. This can be a gesture in receiving a public award though it is small in nature. This needs to be recognized by every individual person, but in other people it might come in large or huge numbers, however this works closely with the approximate distance between the individuals. The best example is wife and husband.

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Housing or shelter refers to where one stays or lives or rather it is the residence of a given family. There are different types of shelter ranging from temporary to permanent in comparison to the hunger, housing or shelter have factors that influence both of them. In the case of structural hunger, where house equipments are arranged in a certain manner, for instance how the tables are arranged, the cupboards arrangements and the time management in the house.  On the other hand, children are taught how to behave or rather conduct themselves, when they arrive from school. For instance, they should take a bath, read books and then go to bed. Similarly, hunger comes in close relation to the housing or shelter, which encompass on how people relate to each other and how they conduct themselves in a house. For instance, in cases, where greetings should be applied, that is a handshake, the nature of the house determines a lot. This depends on how small or big the house is.  In cases where the house is huge, handshake is applicable, since people live in different rooms, but where the house is small handshake is not necessarily used, however in this case the main reward is just saying thank you to the reward that one is given in the house.

The book centers on several themes with inequality coming out clearly. In equality arises in the encounter in the lawyer who tries to fight out the cases of the poor and the homeless. Green is the person, who brings out the theme of segregation. It is also evident that Brock realizes that there are numerous unlawful and unjustified acts, which had been committed by his organization. He states that this was the main cause that made Hardy leave and became desperate. More so, despite poor squatters paying full amount as squatters, they are evicted by Branden. Therefore, class division is the main cause of inequality in the book. This is evidenced by Brock and Green in their acts of helping the poor and the less fortunate. 

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