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The fact that the patients undergo pain elicits the need for a way of dealing with the latter. The desire by some of them to use drugs, as evident in the videos, and the use of continuous administration of medicine, elicited the need for research.

Research question

The research question for this study is : Is the use of drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, or administration of pain relievers after a short while, a remedy to pain?

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Obtaining informed consent

Informed consent means that all participants should clearly understand the fact that they are, in that instance, taking part in research and the requirements of the study. The patients who are in pain can only get actively involved if they understand the benefits of the research. This information includes the methods applied, the target of the research, and purpose of conducting research. Another principle that one may obtain is consideration of participants as volunteers where no coercion is embraced. In case informed consent is not easily obtained from the participants, one must explain that scenario.


This is where one is allowed to make un-coerced decisions. The patients may decide not to let out the information on which kind of drugs they use. On the other hand, they may decide to explain in details how they feel when in pain. Tey should be given freedom to choose what information to offer.


The participants should not be forced to accept certain decisions. When it comes to an avoidable situation, there should be an explanation as to why it happened that way. A good example is where the patients fail to explain how they feel.


This is where the participants agree to the call of the research. This may include what is out to be researched or the expected outcome. In this case, both the patients and the doctors will be briefed about the whole research and then assent to the idea.

Covert data collection and deceptive practices

Covert research always reflects research in elements where (a) the known identity of the given observer and/or (b) the very purpose of that research is not clear to participants. As for our case, the participants will be well defined as it mainly gears towards the solutions towards reliving pain of patients.

Minimizing the risk of harm

This research should not, at any instance, harm participants. The patients who are in pain should not feel aggrieved by the research. They should look at it as a way of finding better solutions to their problems. In case there exists probability of the participants, both the patients and the doctors tto be harmed, justification should be provided to allow it to happen. This will mean that planning is embraced, informed consent and also detailed debriefing. The harms the patients an doctors can experience include:

  • Physical harm that may occur to the participants who in this case include patients and doctors.
  • Psychological evident distress and also discomfort
  • Social disadvantage among them
  • Harm to all participants’ financial grounds and status
  • An invasion of any of the participants’ privacy or his or her anonymity

Evidence of excessive risk, harm or lack of benefit

Rather than looking at harm itself, it is better to consider the risk of one causing harm to the participants. Researchers are never out to harm. Typically, it is not harm that we need to think about since a researcher does not intentionally go out to cause harm.

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Protecting anonymity and confidentiality

The fact that participants only volunteer information means that they have the right to demand for the confidentiality of their information. The patients in this case may not be happy if their rate and levels of pain are shared to other people or institutions. Information that is not barred by the source can be leaked out without complains. It is necessary to seek permission from the participants on which information to disclose.

Application Activity. Custom Application Activity Essay Writing Service || Application Activity Essay samples, help

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