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In the past, the Black and Latino communities were experiencing racial discrimination from the other communities. After the Blacks and the Latinos fought for their rights, the two communities attained equal rights with the White community. However, despite the Blacks and Latinos attaining equality, the communities are still suffering from racial discrimination. In some cases, the two communities do not attain equal treatment similar to the White community. In addition, rich and poor people do not receive similar treatment in the society. In this case, the judicial system is supposed to provide equal justice to all in spite of the color or class origin. Therefore, an evaluation of how the judicial system offers justice in relation to the class or color is done.


In the legal system, many Blacks and Latinos are receiving the death penalty for any murders they commit while the Whites are receiving lesser punishments. For instance, if a Black or a Latino kills a White person, one is likely to face the death penalty. On the contrary, if a White person kills a person from the two communities, one is likely to receive a lesser punishment. In this case, it is clear that Blacks and the Latinos are still suffering from racial discrimination despite having laws against this treatment. In addition, it shows that the judicial system offers justice according to the color of a person.

Second, the judicial system presumes that the life of a Black or a Latino person is not worth in comparison to the life of a White person. According to the courts, Black and Latino murderers often receive the death penalty for murdering White people, but the White murderers rarely receive the death penalty when they kill Blacks or Latinos. This shows that the murder of a White person has more worth than killing a Black or a Latino person. In this case, one can assume that the life of Blacks or Latinos is not worth in comparison to a White person’s life. Moreover, the judicial system sees the life of a White person has more worth than the life of Latinos or Blacks.

Third, the rich people do not have equal rights with the poor people. In most cases, when rich people commit crimes, they tend to get away easier then the poor people. For example, a rich person can commit a murder and would not get the death penalty. Instead, he or she gets a few years imprisonment. In a similar situation where a poor person commits murder, one will directly receive the death penalty. This shows that the society presumes that the rich people to be high and mighty while the poor people seem to be pest in the society. Therefore, one remains with a begging question in the head as to whether the judicial system is fair or not.

In addition, the judicial system is still convicting innocent people to death penalties. Recently, a man facing the death penalty was proven innocent saving him from death. However, that is the only man who the people known to be innocent. The question is how many people have been falsely convicted and died through the judicial system. People in the society respect the judicial system and expect to receive fair treatment in their ruling. However, this is not the case because many are mistakenly condemned. In order to stop this treatment to the society, the judicial system should try to close all errors or loopholes in the system to protect people from the justice or unfair treatment.

After establishing that the judicial system has been offering the death penalty to the Black and Latinos murderers while being lenient to the White murderers, can the Blacks and Latinos revenge to attain justice where they did not. For instance, in the case of John William King, many people will applaud the court for condemning him to die. According to the case, King dragged James Bryd Jr. at the back of his truck until his body was torn into pieces. King is a White man who is against the Black community. He has been trying to gather the White people to fight against the Black community. In the aim of gathering support, he decides to drag Bryd who is a Black man at the back of his truck.

In this case, the Blacks and the Latinos are willing to condemn King to death penalty for the purposes of revenging the murder of Bryd. On the other hand, the judicial system will take this opportunity to show the community that it highly appreciates the life of a Black man similar to the White life. Although a ruling has not yet been delivered on the case, high chances are that King is going to receive the death penalty. However, as a society, it is not right to revenge despite the crimes King has committed.


According to the analysis completed above, the judicial system has not been fair in matters between the Blacks and the Whites, or the rich and the poor. In this case, the Blacks, Latinos and the poor people have been receiving harsh punishments for crimes they commit while the Whites and the rich people receive lenient treatment. Therefore, the judicial system should reform for the purposes of providing fair treatment, but they should not condemn a man to death to revenge for the atrocities that have been happening.

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