Organization of the Study

The remaining chapters of this research study will give an incisive view into the public accounting and financial reporting sectors. The chapters will be arranged as follows:

Chapter one contains a couple of steps taken to summarize the study; context of the study, statement of the problem, research question and sub-question, the background, the relevance, research design and methodology, organization of the study and prospective references.

Chapter two will deal with the literature review revolving around the research study. It will dig deep into the definition of accounting, give a history of the same, define financial reports, show and explain types of financial reports and give a detailed definition of the two while combined. The chapter will answer the question of how the two are related and the relevance of each independent discipline in relation to the other.

Chapter three will give a history of financial reporting and how the system has evolved over the years. This will assist in answering the question on how investment decisions are affected by poor financial records and poor record keeping.

Chapter four will describe standardization of the accounting sector and how the process affects investment decisions in the firm or the corporate world.

Chapter five will give an overview of the public accounting sector and try to answer the question of what can be done to improve it.

The final chapter, chapter six will be a summary of all the work under the research study and providing a conclusion.

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