The Ancient Greeks

Many people have been attracted towards the world’s smallest country, Greece. Whenever one mentions the name of some of its citizens like Aristotle in a speech or any other discussion, the attention of the audience is definitely drawn. This is because the country has been renowned as a centre of excellence, which has made it unique all over the world. However, we must be able to ask ourselves how the Greeks became prominent in almost all the fields through civilization. Moreover, it can be noted that for a nation to move forward as far as development is concerned it must have great thinkers, just as it was in the ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks based their society on individuality, which motivated the people to overcome challenges in pursuit of excellence. Nevertheless, not all the Greeks became popular figures to be recognized for the astounding achievements. Mainly the Athenians were the most celebrated people who surpassed other nations in philosophy, arts, drama, pottery and athletics. As a matter of fact, their driving force was the spirit of excellence, and they were doing every activity perfectly with a lot of passion.

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The Ancient Greece is regarded among the countries that gave birth to the present-day civilization. In fact, it is the first state that established democratic form of government. In Athens, a city named after the goddess of wisdom referred to as Athena, the citizens met monthly to share about the affairs of the state. The Assembly acted as a think tank for the government and enabled it to make viable decisions. The Athenians had several gods and goddesses, whom they adored and honored very much. They built religious shrines, such as Acropolis, and temples, such as Parthenon, for them which are famous to-date. Furthermore, they held great national festivals like Olympic Games and religious festivals, which were quite unique, in honor of their gods. The Ancient Greeks brought beauty to life because of the foundation of knowledge and governance which they established through democracy, astrology, biology, mathematics and philosophy.

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