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The current society is characterized by competitiveness in all the sectors, and hospitality is no exception. Majority of hotels and restaurants tend to prefer outsourcing of food services rather than preparing them. Ideally, it has been the most common outsourced function due to its reliability. Presence of fewer qualified staff workers across the globe has necessitated outsourcing of food services. Individuals tend to ignore hospitality courses offered in learning institutions, giving preference to other courses. As such, it renders the business community with no option other than outsourcing food services.

Due to qualified services as a consequence of outsourcing, the management will be able to save time, which can be used for other activities. In addition, the management would reduce the staff workers, thereby reducing the cost or salary of the workers. It is convenient to outsource food services, as the services are delivered to the company’s premises within the stipulated time frame.

Profit-making organization tends to focus on cost-minimization and maximization of revenue. This long-term strategy ensures that management imposes policies that will enhance its achievement. In regard to saving time, the management can only realize its strategic goals when it undertakes its operations at the budgeted time frame. In addition, reducing the number of staff workers in the organization will ensure that the management can supervise the operations of the restaurant or hotel with ease. This will minimize irrelevant costs associated with decay, and misappropriation of ingredients by workers. Convenience of outsourcing ensures that the management can undertake other activities that will enhance its profit outlay. Indeed, most of the organizations, preferably in the hospitality sector, have realized the importance of outsourcing food services and have adhered to the plan.

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