Chief Justice Marshall

Every day we wake up striving to achieve our goals and praying that one day our dreams will be eventually realized. However, some of us have failed to discover that nothing comes on a silver plate without emulating those who have made it in life. Moreover, we should not be selfish in our ambitions, because the society needs our intervention in addressing their problems. Nevertheless, many people have been exploited because of injustice done in the bars. We need judges like John Marshall who will be able to reform the system of justice in the modern courts. Marshall turned down several offers to serve the government outside the bars, because he had a vision for transformation and change. The vision became a reality when he was appointed as Chief Justice in the Supreme Court in 1801.This highest court in any state is expected to be impartial in its ruling and aim at protecting the rights of the citizen. Furthermore, the jurists serving in the Court should be qualified men with ability to rule wisely, as it was evident during the term of Justice Marshall.

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Success and admirable legacy of an individual depends on how he or she handles issues. For instance, Marshall is still remembered because of his position to expound on the Constitution of the U.S. whenever he was dealing with a case. Consequently, his prowess became eminent and appreciated by everyone because of the intellectual ruling he made. It is unfortunate that some judges cannot interpret the Constitution correctly. As a result, many people have lost trust in the judiciary and advocate for reforms and passionate judges who are ready to bring unity in a country. Justice Marshall is a figure that most judges ought to learn from for the reputation of the Court to be restored. I strongly feel that we need men and women who are able to take their stand and show morality in the bars by properly interpreting the Constitution when investigating a case. Thus, morality and professionalism bring change.

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