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Global Warming and Surface Temperature. Custom Global Warming and Surface Temperature Essay Writing Service || Global Warming and Surface Temperature Essay samples, help

Global warming refers to increase in the earth’s average surface temperature. This is caused because of many reasons. Of which manmade activities constitute the most significant part. Day to day activates of human beings are the main reasons for the current situation of global warming faced by the world.  Global warming is the result of man’s exploiting the resources of Mother Nature and using them as per his whims. In other words, global warming could be termed as a result which man has achieved through his exploitation of Mother Nature through many of his ideas of which industrial revolution and globalisation are of main concern. Global warming is causing many adverse affects on the living beings on the land as well as in oceans. Human activity is the most significant factor for global warming. Although there are many other reasons contributing to global warming, human activity is the main factor which is causing the highest possible impact on the global temperature rise, i.e., global warming. Global warming is resulting in increment in the temperature of the surface of the earth thus making it difficult to adjust to the new conditions of the habitat of various species of life. This in turn is resulting in the extermination of such species of life from the planet.

Global warming is the effect on climate which is being observed in the mid-20th century. The increment in the concentration of green house gases from human activity is confirmed to be the main cause of global warming by the International Panel on Climate Change. Human activities like deforestation and burning of fossil fuels are the main causes for global warming. Carbon-di-oxide is the most important greenhouse gas which has long lifetime in atmosphere. Because of this, the temperature on the earth’s surface is increasing; resulting in melting of ice caps, increase in sea level, change in precipitation pattern, formation of subtropical deserts and other such adverse effects.

Causes of Global Warming:

Greenhouse gases are the main reason for the increment of the temperature on the earth’s surface. Greenhouse gases absorb and emit radiation in the thermal infrared range. Water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone are the main greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are essential for keeping the earth’s surface warm. Without greenhouse gases, the average earth’s temperature would have been much less than that which is present now. These gases are produced from both natural and human activity. But, human activity is the major contributing factor for greenhouse effect ultimately resulting in global warming. Use of chloro-fluoro carbons (CFC’s) which are present in refrigeration, use of fertilisers, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, emissions due to land use and biomass burning, power stations, industrial processes, agricultural by-products, waste disposal and water treatment are the main greenhouse gas emission sources.

Solutions and Preventive measures for reducing the effect of Global Warming:

Presence of greenhouse gases in atmosphere higher than the permissible levels is the cause resulting in the increase in temperature of the earth’s surface due to retention of heat by greenhouse gases which is their nature. Hence, if the concentration levels of these greenhouse gases can be controlled, there is a hope of saving ourselves from the adverse affects global warming causes to us. Hence controlling the concentration levels of greenhouse gases in atmosphere is essential to solve the problem of global warming. The power stations which supply power for household activities also emit carbon dioxide into atmosphere. This is by their burning coal. Not only thermal power stations, nuclear power stations also produce many deadly wastes which can cause damage to the  environment at a much higher pace than that of greenhouse gases and global warming. Summing together, the increasing energy needs of the people all around the world are increasing day by day. Other than fossil fuels, the alternative sources of energy which can help to meet the growing energy needs are meagre. Hence there is a necessity to alleviate this energy crisis with preferably renewable sources of energy, which can address the problem effectively. Restricted usage of fossil fuels will help in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. This will help in reducing the effect of global warming.

Since the effect of global warming is increasing day by day, serious steps must be taken by the governments at all levels of administration in order to implement a strategy which will help to control the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmospheres. The local governments are the most important players here because of their high level of responsibility to address the problem effectively. Punishment to the offenders who violate the terms and act against the prescribed rules and regulations must be severe. For this reason, strict laws must be made. The awareness among the people related to the effects of global warming must be extensively done by the government. Increasing public awareness is another most important factor in order to reduce the effect of the global warming. Children must be taught from childhood itself to take care of the environment. Environmental education should be made a mandatory subject in schools and colleges to increase the awareness. The seriousness in the general public is generally less when it comes to environmental aspects. Therefore proper education regarding taking care of the environment must be taught since childhood. This will alleviate the problem. The use of organic farming to produce food grains is to be implemented to reduce the emissions from agricultural fields. Since the effect of the global warming on the species of life on earth is so severe that it may lead to the extinction of certain species which couldn’t adjust to the changes caused in their respective habitats due to global warming, serious action is to be taken by every individual as his/her responsibility towards the environment as a global citizen.

Global Warming and Surface Temperature. Custom Global Warming and Surface Temperature Essay Writing Service || Global Warming and Surface Temperature Essay samples, help

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