Rise of the Internet

The process of globalization is taking place all over the world. Through the use of technology it has become possible for the world to be connected in a close and a tight manner. Technology is advancing day by day making it very possible for the world to be what is commonly referred to as a global village. The internet has been such a technological advance which has put the world on a swift path to being completely interconnected. This paper is a review of the rise of the internet; I picked this topic particularly because the great interest that I have in the world of technology. I particularly like the internet because of its ability to connect people from various distances and parts of the world. According to Mark (2010), the internet has just been around from 1991 but within this very short time it brought a complete change to the world of cyberspace making communication to be faster than ever. New dimensions have been brought to the communication world (Mark par. 2). Mark (2010) argue that the current users of the internet in the world are roughly around 580 million bearing in mind that much of the world has not been wired up. The rate at which the internet is being embraced will make the whole world to be superbly connected with every Conner of the earth being covered (Mark par. 2). Mark (2010) explains the humble beginning of the idea of the internet and it was launched in 1991. From those humble beginning, the internet has became more and more popular with millions of people embracing it at very high rates. The internet is so significant modern day business will be impossible without the internet; as a matter of fact it has become an household technology which can not be done away with both at home and at the office. The internet is used literary in every field be it in education, business, research etcetera. Personally I am not sure I will manage life without the internet. The internet has formed a core part of our everyday livelihood.

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