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This essay critically examines the works of Tyson with particular reference given feminism as covered by the critical theory presented by the author. This paper pays special attention to the theory and show how it applies to the issues of feminism. The paper is based on a book by Tyson which is written in a very clear way the author has presented his works in a very clear. The book bring out some basic factors concerning the issue of feminism in the context of the critic al their. The book written in simple and succinct manner brings out value of that book.

The author first embarks on showing that learning the critical theory is significant despite the fears that have been associated the critical analysis theory. The author argues that from the theories can help one to become better person that is able to live in harmony with the harmony among others. This also has to do with the way people behave, what they do and generally the approach that they take in life. It is reported that the learning the critical theory will be quite significant to the person learning. The author tries to explain the critical theory also literary theory as a theory which tries to give an explanation fir the occurrence of some forms of literary criticism. Examples of the critical theories given include, “Jacques Derrida’s essays on his deconstructive theory of language; Louise Rosenblatt’s definitions of text, reader, and poem” (Tyson 6). Examples of the literary criticism give n include, “deconstructive interpretation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818), a Marxist analysis of Tgoni Morrison’s the Bluest eye (1970), a gay reading of the imagery in Walt Whitman’s song of myself” (Tyson 6).  

The book by Tyson contains a section which exclusively dwells on the topic of feminism. The author of the book covers several aspect of the topic. The section on feminism reviews that following: gender studies and French feminism and among other topics. The book serves to introduce the critical theory and can be used by the teachers likewise the customers. It is argued the author has comprehensively covered the critical theory y and as such can be used effectively by both the student and teachers.   Studying this book makes it very possible for one to understand and critically put into use critical theory. Actually the purpose of the book is to introduce the critical theory (Tyson xi). The author argues that the text will make it possible for the readers to better understand the critical theory especially on the feminism issue. The author argues that there should be a better understanding of the world that that people live in. The author views the study of literature has the key to under-standing the societal processes.  The author brings out the meaning and significance of reading literature.  In writing about feminism among other things, the author argues that literature study is actually key to better understanding the main points of the critical l theory. In the text written by Tyson the chapters are quite clear as they are used to explain each other (Tyson 3).

It is reported that the feminism depends on both the psychoanalytic theory and the Marxism. The author covers the topic of feminism in great details under the forth chapter. Under this chapter the author examines various aspects in relation to feminism. The chapter is given the title, “feminist criticism.” Under this chapter the author examines a number of aspects which include, the traditional gender roles; a summary of the feminist premises; getting beyond patriarchy; French feminism; multicultural feminism; and gender studies and literature. The author has covered these subtopics so w ell that they bring out the argument being presented in a concise and clear manner. In the following sections, this paper will examine in details the above subtopics which have been discussed by the author (Tayson VIII). The family has been depicted to playing a main and significant part in shaping up. The author explains in great details how individuals are shaped through a family and later grow up to take the take the behavior already acquired and formed within the family setting. In this manner the family becomes a major forming force for the family members (Tyson 15). Tyson (2006) brings up the issue of regression as a form of defense.  The author argues that this defense mechanism is therapeutic because of it ability to heal when re-visited.

Marxism has been connected somehow to feminism. It is argued that there is a likelihood of class oppression being connected to the gender oppression. It is argue that if class oppression can be stopped then most likely gender oppression would be equally minimized. Feminism movements the ideas of the Marxism are of various groups and have deferring opinion of the issue of how gender oppression ought to be brought to control. All the same the various groups all have a common goal of securing of equality for women.

Works of Tyson. Custom Works of Tyson Essay Writing Service || Works of Tyson Essay samples, help

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