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The French feminist movement made use of the literary works which have been found to be more metaphorical with less political doctrines. Most of these are focused on the theories of the body. This group or rather term is inclusive of the entire members who have carried out their work in French but necessarily French. 

Traditional gender roles.

The author addresses the issues which touch on the traditional gender roles more often than feminism has been depicted has an enemy of the gender roles which traditions entrusts into their capabilities. Gender roles can take the simple meaning of a set of behavior and social task which are considered to be quite appropriate for a given gender. Traditionally there are some tasks which have been considered to belong to women. There are conflicting theories on the issue of traditional gender roles. There is a generally feeing that the gender rolled and being endangered. This is because of the reshuffling o f duties which come due to the nature of the modern day activities which are currently taking over the world. Feminism has been often be en viewed as a threat to the to the gender roles this has already being displayed in the types of clothing for instance. The issue of gender roles has  been known to be wide and far reaching as it touches on different fields for instance in the education sector, childcare and education, decision making, among other issues. Feminism has made it possible for most of these duties to be spread out. The gap of gender roles gas been considerably reduced (Taylor 85).

A Summary of Feminist Premises.

This is the second subtopic that the author examines. The author brings out the feminism premises. Representation forms part of the life of a feminist. Naturally women mind their representation to a great extent than men. This might be said to naturally inborn within the feminine. Another attribute regarded as one of the feminist premises the body. This is closely tied with the representation and equally causes much concern for the feminine. Identity also forms part of the feminist premises (Tayson 91). The author further talks about the multicultural feminism whereby different cultures are examined in relation to the feminist attributes. Gender studies and feminism are discussed and effectively the big picture for the feminist is shown in relation to studies. The author concentrates on examining how the feminist engages in the literary works.

Postcolonial feminism.

The post colonial feminist’s associate oppression with the colonial experience that was undergone. This group challenges the ideas that the primary force of patriarchy is not gender oppression. They believe that the colonial experience is responsible for the class, racial and ethical oppression. The group of Feminism is said to have grown from the gendered history of colonialism.


The critical theory presented Tyson forms a good basis to discuss the feminism topic. The author through the critical theory shows learning the critical theory is significant despite the fears that have been associated the critical analysis theory. It is shown that a person can become better placed to relate well with other people learning the critical theory will be quite significant to the person learning because it gives an explanation fir the occurrence of some forms of literary criticism. The critical theory is related to the feminism as it helps to make it possible to study the various patterns of the various feminism groups. It is reported that the feminism depends on both the psychoanalytic theory and the Marxism understanding feminism will require exploration of its aspects such as the traditional gender roles; a summary of the feminist premises; getting beyond patriarchy; French feminism; multicultural feminism; and gender studies and literature. The French feminism has been shown to rely on the use of literary works and is made up of members who have worked in France though not necessarily French. The traditional gender roles comes into play because they have been shown to be threatened by the feminist movements with most of these roles being viewed as oppressions on the women they are quickly fading out. Another feminist worth mentioning is the post colonial feminism which strongly sees oppression in the colonial experience that they underwent. This group attributes all the challenges to the colonial experience be it the racial, class, and ethical oppression. In general feminist groups have been quite influential and have brought changes to the lives of many women especially in the developed countries.

French Feminist Movement. Custom French Feminist Movement Essay Writing Service || French Feminist Movement Essay samples, help

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