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My Day started as early as five o’clock in the morning, not that it was my family’s expectation of me, but to me that was my interpretation responsibility in a family unit. Family is a social unit representing people who live together and united by marriage, adoption or birth. My family being a social unit, had unity, because we related to each other by blood. Responsibility is a key issue to any social unit. Being a teenager, I had to ensure my room was neat before school and walk the dog before being asked to do so.

Communication is essential in any social environment: it was not just tradition or the way we did things in the family that brought us together, but those, small things that people ignore like greeting someone in the morning; which I did when I woke up and found my mum downstairs.  Jogging, I happened to meet one of my neighbors and friend Cindy. We related extremely well as friends since childhood, and this interaction is what brought us together. Relating to people around us is what makes us human; we can be termed as social beings.

Organization is what describes the role of doing things in a social group; I followed my daily routine of waking up, tidying up, jogging and getting ready for school in an orderly way so that things done in the house and by other family members would not be affected. After jogging, I dressed up to look neat and maintain my image in the community. Mum had made breakfast for us before we went to school that was her duty to the family, and she expected all of us at the table for breakfast. We took breakfast as an institution; institutions involved the arrangements done by human beings in interaction with each other and regularly just like we did every morning for breakfast.

School was mandatory, and that was another step in life that I had to complete in order to find my place in the community. I rushed to school; a place that gave me identity and gave me with knowledge. Going to school made me motivated, responsible, focused and I needed to be a successful individual in my society. The school was also not just a learning institution, but it gave me the identity that I was learning in such a recognized and efficient institution where I got to interact with different groups, exchanged and learnt new things from my teachers and other students.

On reaching school, the first instinct was to rush to class and prepare for the day lectures. The anticipation for the literature class related to the liking I had for the teacher: I appreciated her methodology of teaching. A teacher-student connection is extremely valuable for further learning process and depends mostly on teacher’s qualities, abilities and erudition as of a more experienced person.

During recess, I went out with my cousin. This friendship based on the fact that we related to each other by blood and so as relatives we communicated regularly exchanging experiences   to maintain that relationship. The two families were parts of the whole (society) through blood relation, in other words extended family.

The sociological aspect of an institution not only means a building or place, it also provides institutional imperatives, living formulas like my desire for knowledge, hence my rushed effort of getting to class on time, my desire for food that made me break for lunch because was hungry.

Interaction and peer groups are the social classes that students and teenagers do have when they coexist together just like Alyssa and me; I felt comfortable sitting down with Alyssa during lunch because we were of the same social class, age group and could share thoughts in reality. Language as part of communication is the only way people relate and convey messages to each other in a community. We went and had coffee with her as we bonded and shared personal issues about life. According to culture, a mother should be able to sit down talk with the kids, correct, manage and encourage them to their growth and development. The understanding, emotional support mum, offered when I told her about Jack was what family is all about. The concept of freedom, openly portrayed when mum supported that relationship and even gave me advice on relationships, displayed the love and faith of a parent and strengthened that relationship. At home in the evening after dinner I had to do the dishes. That was not a commitment, but the role I played in that family when it came to division of labor and responsibilities. I felt proud of being able to assist mum after a long day at work and appreciate her.

Religion is also a concept in sociology as we can see mum is extremely religious, while I went jogging she was listening to a sermon. The same values she did instill, in us that all of us had to be available for prayers before bedtime. She taught us how to reason and to believe in God and ourselves.

In society, I am a teenager who is a daughter, a role model and a young adult eager to socialize and live my life fully. Am still growing up, learning, exposed and surrounded by many factors that influence and affect my social life and relation with family or others. A day in life is not complete if there are no people present for interaction and socialization.

Conclusively, my daily journey in life is all about socialization starting from the core family’ and spreading out to the society. All the concepts that shape who I am and where I am heading in life start with the family, culture, institution, equality and freedom.

Daily Journal

I woke up at 5.00am this morning after a decent rest. I felt energetic because I slept early yesterday at around 9pm. I jumped out of bed and tidied my room saving time for my morning jog. Later I went down stairs and found mum already up and watching her favorite morning sermon on television. I greeted her and asked for my brother: he was still asleep; he is not as hardworking as I am. I took the dog and told mum I was going jogging. Once out of the gate I started jogging slowly into the nearby park where my friends and I go jogging every morning and on weekends. I had jogged for about half an hour when I met Cindy one of my neighbors, and childhood girlfriend, we said hello to each other, and she joined me. We chatted along as we jogged and an after an hour of exercising and stretching together, we parted ways. I headed home for a shower and breakfast before going to school. I reached the house and left my dog, Max downstairs as I rushed upstairs and took a 10-minute shower. Later I dressed up into one of my favorite skinny jeans and a flowered blouse; because I was meeting mum after work for coffee to catch up about my life. I took my bag and laptop and headed downstairs where mum had already set the breakfast table; omelettes and milk for my brother and me. I sat down, took break fast in a rush, and said bye to everyone as I hopped out just in time for my High school bus, which picks me, up every day at 7.30am, in the bus I sat alone to look through my homework before I reach school. The bus stopped at 5 minutes to 8 and we all alighted hurriedly for the day’s lessons in the respective classes. I rushed to my first lesson of the day, English literature that started at 8.15. I was eager for the class because I like literature and the teacher is exceptionally kind.

The lesson was entertaining as we discussed poems on love and recited them with desk mates. At 9.00am, the lesson ended as fast as it had started. Soon I was in maths and later history classes, which lasted 45minutes each before recess at 9.30. At recess, I went out to the garden to chat online with my cousin Gladwell, who had moved with her family to Vienna. We chatted for some time before recess was over and I went back for more lessons in the Music, Business and Chemistry. By lunchtime at 1pm, I was hungry and went out for lunch at the school cafeteria and had a sandwich with some juice accompanied by my friend Alyssa. Classes resumed at 2 o’clock that was one class Sociology, while the other had been scrapped off for the afternoon because the Art and Design teacher was unwell. By three, I was through with classes, so I called mum to pick me up for coffee. She came at around four and found me at the Library finishing the evening assignment for the day. We headed to town and had coffee with tasty pieces of chocolate cakes until 5.30pm. We talked about school work. I told mum about my new boyfriend Jack, and she was extremely happy but shocked at the same time. Before driving home, we passed by the grocery shop and had bought some products for making dinner that evening before driving home. Once home at 6.30pm mum sent me upstairs to shower and finish up on homework, same to my brother as she made dinner. I cleared my homework, and at 7.30, I joined her and my brother at the table for dinner. We prayed, and had the delicious pasta she had made for us with chicken as we shared jokes and laughed. By 8.30, after eating and clearing up the table, I washed the dishes just in time for prayers at 9pm before we all parted for bed. After that, I went upstairs got into bed and later on mum came up to kiss me goodnight as she always did. I just love my mum to bits.

My Communication. Custom My Communication Essay Writing Service || My Communication Essay samples, help

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