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All around the globe children’s well-being and safety continuously face extremely harsh threats, as the common child daily experiences neglect and abuse from the family members and the community at large. Hence my main reason for a career choice in social services with specialization in child protective services. This type of service is an area under the Social Services Department that deals with responsibility and reports on suspected cases of child abuse and neglect; with the aim of fighting for and promoting child welfare. The desire to choose the career came as a result of the need to stand up and protect a child; the future of the world’s generation.

Each child has the right to protection, quality care and freedom from neglect and abuse, therefore, child protective service is involved to intervene and ensure that a child gets the best emotional, educational and physical stability while growing up. Family permanence is equally crucial in promoting the well-being of children; as a child protection officer, it is in my interest to strengthen the family pillar and assist it in accessing the basic services needed for improving children’s welfare. Observable barriers in culture, beliefs, values, gender and race contribute to some cases of child abuse and neglect, hence child protection stands as a go-between in providing protective factors, which are geared to reduce child neglect and educate the community and families on better childcare. Additionally, the increased cases of homeless children and child abuse motivated me to make the career choice so that I could offer quality services and contribute to children’s safety, their well-being at the family level, and to providing a stable shelter for those who are homeless.

Southwest Virginia Community College (SWCC) is an institution that offers quality education and educational plans personalized to the needs of individual students with the aim of developing their career goals. Available vocational career courses would be beneficial to ensuring the best social worker training that will teach me skills efficient to work in child protective services; and to achieve the goals which should be set in this career. The college has career services offered by professional advisors and counselors who focus on helping students achieve their career goals. SWCC has recruiting jobs database that will help me contact other employers and social workers specializing in child protective services in the region and internationally; hence this will broaden my career scope and knowledge of providing quality child protection services.

Additionally, the college has a program of study that guides a student on how to set class plans that contribute to achieving the carrier goals effectively and quickly. Using the SWCC study programmes, I will be able to learn more on the social workers role and the current issues existing in child protection services. 

In conclusion, my career choice is based on the current problems existing in the area of specialization; child protective services and my expertise benefits contribute to expertise my career. As a result, SWCC became pivotal in transitioning, training and building the career objectives and their achievement. 

My Career Path. Custom My Career Path Essay Writing Service || My Career Path Essay samples, help

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