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 I was born in Kuwait. Now I am studying civil engineering in the United States of America. My parents are also from Kuwait, although they belong to different tribes. My father is an Arab. His tribe is called Utub. His family history is very rich and complex, as most of the descendants were a polygamist thus tracing their past is difficult. My mother is a Lebanese, born in Bahrain. She migrated to Kuwait with her family searching for a job, when she was two years old.

We religiously belong to Sunni Muslims, just like most of the Kuwait population. Traditionally, I belong to the Utub tribe, because in the Arabian culture children automatically belong to their father’s tribe. Arabic is my native language not only because I am an Arab, but also because it is a liturgical of the Islam.

My father is a teacher in a local Muslim secondary school. As for my mother, she is a housewife. My childhood was characterized by teachings, based on family loyalty by my parents. This is an obligation to every parent of Arabian decent. In contrast to individualism that is rampant in the American societies, the Arab society emphasizes on the importance of groups.

My hard work in high school was not in vain - my long time dream of winning a scholarship to study in America came true. The government subsidized my foreign studies in the United States after singling out my potential. Most kuwaitian universities train graduates more on liberal arts and less of engineering courses.

The education in the United States  attracted me because the level of the lecturers is very high.. I hope, that my genealogical past will not influence on my future. Nevertheless, I think that it will help me to become a real person. I want to achieve all my goals and aspirations.


Genealogy. Custom Genealogy Essay Writing Service || Genealogy Essay samples, help

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