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The 3 week Yale EXPLO summer program is the new window of opportunity I have been waiting to open in my life. We all have our known and unknown capabilities. One may have already settled on a particular ability as his/her core strength. What about the unknown abilities? These can only be discovered in a suitable environment where the necessary ingredients are available. Personally, I believe that these ingredients are available for me at the Yale EXPLO summer program. It is in this belief that I humbly request to be considered as a suitable candidate for the program.

I am still at the budding age where my capabilities are still being nurtured.  I am eager to know what other things I can do that I previously did not know about. This can only be discovered at a meeting point where great minds have been brought together from the vast American landscape. I am honest, creative, and a fun person. I posses good communication skills and I am endowed with a positive team spirit. I believe that these traits will enable me to actively engage myself in the program

To cap it all, I intend to inject new energy into the program by showing commitment and utmost discipline to the stipulated rules of play. I also intend to add more fun into the program through positive thinking and influential thoughts. The fact that the world is currently devastated due to environmental pollution problems, I intend to help my fellow young minds to come up with good environmental activities and ideas. Hence, I believe that the Yale EXPLO summer program is the place for me. It is going to provide for me a stable platform on which I can transform my unknown capabilities into fruitful ventures.


The 3 Week Yale. Custom The 3 Week Yale Essay Writing Service || The 3 Week Yale Essay samples, help

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