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Inequality has dominated in the society in the past. Some people feel that they deserve to be treated better in this society. This was evident through the grievances aired by the Civil rights movement that was led by Martin Luther king. This movement will forever be remembered for its great contributions toward realizing equality in the society. Autherine Lucy Foster is one among many individuals who wanted a just society. Together with other individuals she aired the grievances of Africans through the civil rights movement. She did not give up when she was denied access to the University of Alabama due to her race. She was determined and knew that her efforts will one day bear fruits. She applied all her efforts to re enroll in this University in 1956. Later, the university recognized the hard work of Lucy and decided to provide an endowed scholarship to Autherine Lucy Foster. Later, the scholarship was named after her name.

As a minority student, my desire is that the University considers me as an ideal student for having the Autherine Lucy Foster scholarship. The main reason why I am requesting for the scholarship is to pursue my studies. As a result of my poor financial background, I am afraid that my family would not be able to give me the necessary support that I require for my future career.

When I am done with my studies, I would love to apply my acquired knowledge as a public servant within the government. My main concern will be to fully eradicate any traces of inequality in our society. I take pride in that my dreams are in line with those of Autherine Lucy Foster. Racial segregation should be an issue of the past. It dismays me that some people still racial segregation and even boast and take pride of that. Although I will encounter challenges in my efforts to promote a just society, I am determined to overcome them. The main reason why I will encounter struggles in my desire to promote a just society emanates from the fact that many people have not still fully perceived the need for equality of all human beings. Greed and striving for power have dominated in this world and this country; people are only interested in satisfying their interests. I love this world, and I love this country, and I want to make them a little bit better. Step by step, from year to year I will hold this direction and improve our society.

Hard work is the only way towards achieving ones dream. This will be my weapon in ensuring that I attain my dream of a just society. Making the public understand the need for equality is another method I will employ in ensuring that equality is attained. People ought to understand that we have unique abilities that can contribute to the well being of the world. Race and gender should not be major determinants, especially, in the provision of employment opportunities. Courage is also another important factor to consider before carrying out any activity. It is only through the courage I will be able to face individuals who promote disparity in the society regardless of their gender, race or economic background. I am convinced beyond doubt that eradication of discrimination is a noble course that all individuals should support in ensuring a better society.

As a public servant, I will not only champion for an equal society, but also for the well being of the poor. I will strongly work hand in hand with the government in ensuring that poor families attain their aspirations. The main challenge that faces poor people is the access to formal education, good health care and other public amenities. As an individual, I will make the government understand the need for providing poor people with education and adequate health facilities.

It will be my great achievement when getting the scholarship; all these dreams will become a reality. It will enable me further my studies, which I will use as a stepping stone towards becoming a renowned figure in regard to addressing inequalities faced by the majority poor in the society. In addition, this scholarship will be of much help in reducing my debts. At the moment, the source of my school fees is borrowing from my fellow students. This makes me uncomfortable and hopeless, considering that I might not be able to pay all these debts. If awarded this scholarship, I believe that it will pave a way towards realizing a dream that started during my childhood.

Lucy Foster . Custom Lucy Foster Essay Writing Service || Lucy Foster Essay samples, help

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