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I was born in a family which believed greatly that a proper education was paramount to achieve success in life. My uncle who was an artist was a powerful influence in my life. Despite this fact, that his field was more or less dependent on creativity that academic performance; he still insisted that hard-work was needed in every aspect of life. Seen and feeling the passion in his work, which he had for art and design, has inspired me at a remarkably young age. The immense passion he had for creating and drawing grew in me when I first held his paint brush, and at the age of 6 the joy I had from creating a paper vase was only a starting point of love and passion for designing. I put my Uncles’ advice to good use in school and thus, I have always excelled in my academic endeavours and I always strive to improve myself. I achieve self improvement by constantly keeping up to date on my reading and attending academic fairs. However, there is more to life than education; therefore, I always balance my academic activities with my extra curricular activities.

My interest in Architecture begun when I studied it shortly in my GCSE course. I have gained further interest in Architecture, because it is dynamic and the specificity that goes into making up a building such as social and artistic. Later in my life, I also developed a keen interest in Computer Generated Drawings, which I have become quite proficient in its usage. Computer Generated Drawings allowed me to explore and express my creativity. As well as hand drawings software which has allowed me to practice my skills and earn myself an income, albeit small, from drawing for family and friends.

In architecture, problem solving skills and creativity are fundamental traits that one is obliged to have to be an accomplished architect which I have managed to acquire in high school. Admittedly, my skills at the moment are still young, but, on the other hand, this means that I have room to nurture and develop my skills to make a competent architect. To this end, I have enrolled for a BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design Course which will assist me to hone my creative skills to enable me to pursue a course in architecture. While doing my diploma in Art and Design, I undertook a two month architectural project where I have amassed a great deal of architectural related experience. I had always imagined what studying Architecture would entail before I started, and this course has pleasantly exceeded my expectations.

This course has helped me gain in-depth knowledge and understand the relationship between design, functionality and human interaction. This course has introduced me and grew a high interest in sustainable design. I have learnt to interpret my imagination into designing creative ideas. This course has made me realize once more that this field is not just about designing a space that is visually impressing but designing a space, which will result to a "better" living environment to serve the right purposes. I look forward to applying this knowledge in the future to the field realities.

Currently, as a second year student I get to work on real structural problems of designing functional buildings, every project presents a new field reality and hence a new opportunity to learn, discover and create. This creates a working environment with no monotony; therefore, I believe it will be a gratifying career, and I am convinced that I would gain absolute satisfaction. I knew it was a hugely demanding subject and to realise my goals I had to put in a lot of work both academic and practical to get to where I am currently; in addition, to me another key attraction to this field was that Architecture has never been just a 9 to 5 office job. This works for me because I am a highly technical and practical person, whose skills are best tapped in a career that embraces practical challenges as opposed to theoretical problems to be solved in the boardroom.

I feel that I have acquired various skills such as taking responsibilities and meeting deadlines, working within a team, finding solutions for design problems, carrying out survey (questionnaires), interviewing, report writing and presentation skills, scale drawings and model making which all will be the key advantages to pursue a successful career life.

 I am look forward and hope to graduate from my current course with excellent qualifications in order to boost my chances and be able to move onto the next step which is BA Interior Architecture and Design at the same institution. Furthermore, I hope to be given the opportunity to do my Masters in Sustainable Environmental Design and seek an employment opportunity with a company that will enable me to expand my knowledge and gain me further experience. I believe that completing an MA in Sustainable Environmental Design will also be vital in achieving my career objectives. The ultimate objective of my career is to impact the lives of people from an aesthetic perspective in a positive way. I hope to one day create a design that people will stop and admire. In addition to that, in the future I am looking forward to enrolling for  a Ph.D. to support my experience in Architecture field and to influence other young minds to consider a career in this field. 

Interior Architecture - 5 Year Career Plan. Custom Interior Architecture - 5 Year Career Plan Essay Writing Service || Interior Architecture - 5 Year Career Plan Essay samples, help

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