My Academic Choice

The following essay is about the New York University as one of the best made choices for my  professional career. I have already reached the age at which I should consider the choice of the university. Therefore, I have started to search for the possible options of the universities I might like to be enrolled in. I must here say that when I found the official internet page of the New York University I have slowly started to be interested in it. Ultimately, I realized the importance of the NYU primarily because of its history, location and diversity. I believe that it would be amazing to participate in one of the NYU’s offered programs. I am also of the opinion that the prestigious schools with the old buildings are perfect for education. It is mostly because of its calm atmosphere. Moreover, the extracurricular activities at the NYU are very attractive and would be definitely suitable to my expectations and interests.

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My predominant concern is medicine. Therefore, the College of Nursing is the best opportunity for me to broader my views and to develop my skills. In addition, I would like to notice that during my high school years I was involved in many extracurricular activities in the medical department at my local hospital. During my internship there, I did many basic procedures such as drawing blood, bandaging the wounded and the patients that have undergone surgery, changing the perfusion bags and installing venous lines for those who needed parenteral nurturing.  Probably the activity I am first of all proud of is my many minimally invasive procedures meant to evacuate liquids from places they should not be. This has involved me in puncturing the abdominal cavity and the pleural cavity in order to install a gastrostoma or a pleurostoma which was supposed to drain the liquid in a recipient.

 Furthermore, I have recently discovered that I am developing a great interest in any type of laboratory work. The main reason for this fascination is the way experts have to struggle in order to create or obtain a certain substance or a specific idea. This is why I am completely attracted towards the entire concept of stem cell collection and usage over time. Although this has yet to be a valid manner in which certain diseases can be cures and reconstructive procedures can be completed, I am certain that in the near future this revolutionary medical concept will no longer be only an idea.

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