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Usually in a society, every person tends to hold his or her personal views and habits above other perspectives. In fact, it is typical of every person as we are quite ego-centered beings. However, among the general selfish population, there are those who are astonishingly selfless. Forgetting the global civilization, we can find various personalities all under one roof, which make up one family. For instance, the mothers are usually seen as selfless caregivers, the fathers are labeled as the authorities, while the vexing younger siblings practice hoarding skills by not sharing. Observing those around me, mainly my friends, family members, and co-workers, I came up with my own categorization of human personalities, which are the artists, idealists, the guardians, and the pragmatics. 

            Firstly, the artists are like my cousin or one of my close friends (let us name them Emilys). The Emilys in society are born hippies, meaning they are naturally creative, imaginative, and highly excel in arts, whether it is performing or fine art. One’s mood usually boosts when the Emilys are around because they are optimistic people, always looking at the colorful side of things. They also enjoy spontaneity and excitement, and they like designing and able to fix anything broken or use the broken remains to give birth to new things. Their virtues include honesty and diligence; they do everything with an all-out effort. 

            The second group is the idealists or the day dreamers, as I like to call them in my social circle. These are the Lady Dianas of society as they are constantly looking for ways to increase their knowledge and reach higher levels of self-improvement. When I look at some of my teachers and counselors, I realize that they are the idealists who are constantly reminding me about the necessity to strive to achieve something big, as setting higher goals will push me further towards success. The idealistic individuals are extremely sincere and genuine and are full of enthusiasm and drive. Their journey is all about self-discovery and helping the rest of humanity on their way. Most mothers fit perfectly in this category as they are the idealists gearing children towards positive futures.

            Moving on to the fathers of society, they act as the guardians of their households. It is no surprise that the “Founding Fathers” of our nation were given the particular label, as the guardians are characterized by their leadership qualities. The rest of society depends on them for guidance. When one thinks of the typical fathers, it is usually the case that they are strict, yet hard workers and loyal to the families they are supporting. Guardians are quite practical thinkers, and they desire to get work done and expect others around them to follow their rules and leadership. In a work environment, these would be the bosses or managers. 

            Lastly, without the pragmatics or rational thinkers society would not survive. To me, this group of individuals is great at solving problems, whether it is a math equation or United Nations resolution. The Albert Einsteins, as they can be called, in my life love their independence and have strong personalities. These are the people who can confront bullies, speak their mind in controversial situations, and always have their own view on everything. A particular characteristic of this kind of personalities is that they are not easily persuaded or swayed in one particular direction. For them, it is all about facts and balance or the objectiveness of an issue. 

            In my opinion, all personality types need to work together in order to achieve the greatest good in the world. A small example of this is when students are required to work on a class project. If the group consists of all idealists or all pragmatics, nothing would be achieved in a balanced manner. Even though at times we would like everyone else to behave or think like we do, we should cherish everyone’s individuality and appreciate the different personalities we encounter in our lives.

Different Personalities around Me. Custom Different Personalities around Me Essay Writing Service || Different Personalities around Me Essay samples, help

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