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Social norms are behavior-related issues that are within a given society. In other words, they are rules that people use for accepted or unaccepted values, behaviors, and beliefs. Failure to follow the rules results to one being excommunicated or even severely punished. Social norms dictate the way of doing things within social groups. Walking bare feet in a shopping mall is unacceptable in our society. Thinking itself let alone the act is a crime. The ministry of health is against this and there are even signboards on the same. I tend to think that if there is a ministry of health against this, and it is considered an unhealthy behavior. For those who do not give it a thought, some shopping malls even have this rule too. To begin with, the sole of the feet gets dirty and pose a major health risk. Research shows that there are tones of pathogens on such surfaces like shopping trolleys, floors, wall surfaces among others. It is advisable to stay safe because what we can see is by far dangerous than what is invisible. Given the fact that the skin of our feet is hardened to enhance protection does not imply lack of dangerous disease causing organisms.One Saturday afternoon, I decided to test the waters by walking barefooted to the most prominent shopping mall in town. This I did oblivious of the many warnings from my friends and family. You could have seen the looks on their faces as I argued with them about my decision to this deviant act and despite their pleas to make change my mind, I could not help but become rude for once. On my way to the bus station, drama had already began and many of those I met thought that I was mentally sick and that is the day I attracted everyone's attention. This alone was not enough to change my mind by the time I boarded a bus to town things were out of control and I could not help but ignore everyone and proceed with my day's mission.

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Once I alighted at the bus park, a distance of about a hundred meters from the shopping mall, the situation was beyond control because all activities in town came to a standstill but I took heart and went ahead with my adventure. A ghost was in town already. On approaching the mall, you could have seen the amazement written on everybody's face and the management almost threw me out perhaps driven by the wonder that an insane man had no serious business inside the mall. Though sweating profusely, I quickly took a trolley and started my business but all this time all eyes were on me. This was one of the hardest moments in my entire life. I was feeling like the world had collapsed on me and the more I continued staying there the more I continued getting confused. As I approached the cashier to pay for my shopping everyone was clearing my way like nobody's business and the security men kept a close watch on me. My way back home was equally a total nightmare I wished to reach home because I felt so out of place. That was my first and my last day to ever go in public places bare feet. When I arrived home, everybody waiting for me but all I did was to avoid all manners of questions, took a warm shower, and went to bed. The memories of this day are still fresh and would hard to forget soon.I strongly think that it is unfortunate that people do not respect alternative appearance in our society. Many people disregard those who walk barefooted and majority of them consider it a misplaced and unpleasant idea. Life would be so boring if at all, people were just the same. Many people associate bare feet with such places as beaches and swimming pools as well as foot odor. However, I tend to believe that bare feet are far much respectable than expensive pair of shoes. It enables one to be exposed to the earth besides being cautious with the surroundings. It is equally absurd for the ministry to put such measures as any shopping mall can put in place their own dressing code.

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Finally, some places are bare feet friendly due to warm climate and culture. It is considered a non-issue to stay without shoes, because it is more healthy and safer than wearing shoes. To associate bare feet with being homeless is a misplaced observation altogether as there are many people who are homeless and do wear shoes. In this modern society, it is hard to come across somebody walking barefoot unless it is by choice. Sometimes we injure other parts of our body like hands and nobody has suggested that gloves are the ultimate solution since it is not a guarantee of remaining unhurt.Fungi, which causes athlete's foot needs a warm and wet habitat of a shoe for it to survive. It is easily spread when people walk bare feet in locker rooms and then put their shoes but at the same but it is rare among people who operate bare feet. Parasites like hookworms do not only catch those people who walk bare feet but all are at risk. Although most people associate foot odor with bare feet it is apparent that it can only develop in closed shoes. The smell is because of limited oxygen as on bare feet sweat just dries up. As far as bare feet in particular are concerned, it is respectful to walk bare feet than walking around in a heavy shoe.

Walking Bare Feet in the Mall . Custom Walking Bare Feet in the Mall Essay Writing Service || Walking Bare Feet in the Mall Essay samples, help

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