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Never in my life had I wished, to be born in a better community than this,With all its good and bad, all its dos and don'ts,All what it dictates and allows, all what it guides and collects,I love my community where can I find such as this?Let's talk about the thoughts of the rich and the cries of the poor,The promises of the politicians and the teachings of the priests,Let's talk about the urge to break loose from the chains of norms and culture,All in the name of being free but I still love my community.A community that releases you to fly into the world, with a string tied to your leg,A community that supports the poor, but they never stop to beg,A community that offers education to everyone but only a few lucky step in the class,A community hated by the outsiders but loved by the insiders with pride and floss.

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Where can you find such a community where the pockets speak and not the mouths?Where tea fits inside pockets and files get lost and found at ones command?Where can you find such as this where good grades are equal to the size of your wallet,Or University honors equal to how you cooperate with your professor?This is my community, I love it to the last letter.My community is copper, can be shaped to being the best,My community is a chameleon, never ceases to amaze the world,My community is wine, gets better with age,My community is diamond, will always endure the test of timeMy community is the ant, forever building its country no matter the barriersMy community is hopeful, I have faith in it and I will always love it.This poem is written in order to express certain weaknesses my community has. As one starts to read, one gets to understand that it has some good sides and some bad sides although I have mostly dwelt on the bad side and ended it on a high note. As one reads, one gets to feel that there is a gap between the different social classes in the community. The poor can only cry but the rich thoughts can be heard. There is also a lot of deception in this community for the promises of the politician is supposed to portray irony. Our politicians do not fulfill any promises they make.

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The deception is further felt when I say that they let you fly with a string tied to your leg meaning that one is never completely given the freedom. The education offered, but not gotten by everyone means that enough facilities and support are not offered by the community in order to learn. There is also the need for an individual to break loose from all the rules and regulations set. The need for on to explore and know ones potential.Corruption is also seen in this community. 'Tea' is the word used instead of the word bribe. Money is seen to be used to get special favors. Sex is also used to get ones way done as in the case of a university professor and his student. In the end, there is hope because all these things can be changed if there is the will. It is not permanent. It is also a hardworking community as I compare it to the ant. This poem shows me that even though there are weaknesses, there is still hope.This poem can be compared to Emerson's "Self-Reliance" and Plato's "Allegory of the Cave" in that there is ambition. In the poem, there is the need to stop all this and start a fresh. The person in this community wants to leave all these rules, culture, regulations and norms, go out there and explore so that he/she may feel and know the difference.

My Community. Custom My Community Essay Writing Service || My Community Essay samples, help

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