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A recent experience taught me that keeping the pace with a fast and ever changing world is crucial to one's survival. The change requires an equally sharp and focused mind for a fast adaptation. This is because the world leaves neither a place nor opportunities for the lazy and inflexible. I had just concluded my ordinary level studies and waiting to join college. During this period, I would visit my friends and share out our experiences about life. It was through one of our many discussions that I discovered that one of my friends, Chris was silently suffering from a medical complication that he could not understand the cause. The problem seemed to pose no serious health risk but Chris talked of occasional discomforts in his stomach. I could only sympathize with his situation but I took a keen interest on the problem because I felt a great desire to help my friend out.When I joined the University of Rochester, I only wanted to join the School of Medicine & dentistry for two reasons. One was to understand the human anatomy and the other was because I wanted to understand my friend's condition and offer help where I could. I undertook a thorough search for information about my friend's condition in the library and also from my tutors. I would also encourage Chris and tell him to hope for the better because life has still so much in store for him.
After carrying out intense research and examinations through the able guidance of my tutor, I diagnosed the problem and came to the conclusion that Chris was suffering from a minor stomach disorder which was being caused by an improper digestive system and bad eating habits. I prescribed the medication and made recommendations on the proper diet that would keep him healthy and permanently out of the problem. Chris is now happy and ready to take up any challenge in life.
Chris had no words to thank me although I feel that he should be more thankful to the University of Rochester for the role that the institution played in the identification and conclusion of his problem. Only two words can therefore summarize this institution's achievements in research work and other academic related programs- "Meliora" or simply ever better.

Meliora. Custom Meliora Essay Writing Service || Meliora Essay samples, help

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