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This unit has enabled me develop essential skills in critical thinking, reading and writing. I have basically learned that these skills are mutually dependent. I have learned to develop skills in reading analysing and writing texts. I have developed skills in expository writing enabling me present informative ideas and arguments syntactically.  Expository writing has enabled me learn how to present my thoughts and ideas in a coherent way. This involves rhetorical presentation of information taking into consideration the characteristics of the audience and inclusion of different genres in a bid to expand the repertoire beyond predictable levels.  I have learned to employ several strategies in identifying the position of the author and his main ideas in a written text. In addition to this I have been able to develop skills in revising texts and using supportive information as evidence enabling me to change ideas and structures therefore presenting the reader with more understandable contexts. I have also learned to evaluate and synthesise appropriate texts to bring out informative information by narrowing down diverse texts to fit the situation. I have also learned how to support my writings through using various sources to provide articulate and coherent writing that is easy for my audience. I have also learned how to incorporate various genres in this study. Writing enables us to present information to the target audience. Writing is usually a reaction to something and is much more of a recursive process that that should demonstrate careful articulation of ideas to the reader. The reader expects me to show a reaction to something without much strain. I have been able to developed myriad writing skills which have enabled me develop efficient writing skills. However, there are several skills that I still have to polish my....mainly because effective writing is a gradual process. In fact if I had a chance to redo this class I would to be more objective about reading and writing because it is an interesting subject that requires regular practise. Although there are still areas that i need to improve on, the progress I have made so far in terms of writing and reading skills is simply amazing. I have developed necessary reading and writing skills that are well integrated with critical thinking

English 1301. Custom English 1301 Essay Writing Service || English 1301 Essay samples, help

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