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There are several characteristics and experience I will bring to midwifery. To start with, I will educate my patients on issues regarding sexually transmitted diseases and how they can avoid getting these infections. For those who are already infected, I will advice them on how to stay healthy. I will also educate women on safe birth control methods to ensure that they plan their families using methods that they cannot endanger their health and the health of their children. I will also serve as an advisor giving women advice on diet, dealing with some minor discomforts that pregnancy causes and on issues of exercise and fitness.

I will also make sure that I educate them on pre natal and post natal care so that they can take care of themselves, the unborn baby and the baby after birth using the recommended health and safety standards. My experience in midwifery will come in handy since it I will assist in taking samples and specimen in the laboratories.

I will also assist with various gynaecological exams and delivery in maternity wards. I will also participate in inbound facility transfer units and outbound transfer to some other facilities. I will use my clinical skills to identify foetal positions or what are commonly called Leopold manoeuvres. My experience and expertise will also help in assessment of the severity of contractions, examination of the female reproductive system, evaluation of dilation and effacement, station and collection of culture.

I will conduct routine tests on the blood pressure of the patients, urine tests, and glucose and protein tests and ensure that the whole pregnancy, labour and delivery period goes on successfully without hiccups that can endanger the life of the child or the mother.

Midwifery. Custom Midwifery Essay Writing Service || Midwifery Essay samples, help

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