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During the last December holidays, my elder siblings convinced me to go rock climbing while we were on vacation. They did this intentionally because they understood my fears. I have this fear of heights. I have tried to alleviate it by all means but in vain. The fear causes my whole body to tremble uncontrollably and finally breaking to a cold sweat. When in such heights, thoughts of death races through my mind and I usually imagine how I will die and picture my own funeral. It is the backdrop of this phobia that my siblings wanted me to do away with fear.

Despite my fears, I found myself agreeing to them. We set out to Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island which is located in Maine. After all the preparations I found myself climbing to a high place I never thought of. The area itself was breathtaking on the base of the mountain. Thick grass covered the base of the mountain with some huge trees. We started our journey upwards taking time to rest and enjoy the scenery behind us whenever we felt tired. At first I did not really like the rush I got from that height we were at, I knew a wrong move could be very dangerous.

The higher we went the thinner the air became. And finally after a sweaty and strenuous climb we were at the top of some rugged rocks. Standing on the se rocks was an exhilarating experience and with a final burst of energy, I was at the peak. My head seemed to be in clouds, nothing below me except the swirling gusts of wind. Although tired and hot, I was in a daze. I felt like I was flying. I stood at the peak for a long time before reality dawned on me that I was at several meters above the ground. Fear gripped me and thoughts of falling were now a reality. Looking at my brothers, they were so calm that I thought I was in my own world. They decided to play a trick or two to ensure that my fear of heights was gone once and for all.

Mike, the eldest brother was yet to present the biggest challenge, at least for me. From the highest peak, he could fly down by using the parachute we carried with ease. He then instructed that I was next. Real fear of death gripped me. I imagined going down and down to a bottomless abyss and getting buried there. Soon my brother beckoned me to jump over. Closing my eyes, I jumped from the rock I was standing on. My body seemed frail and hands sweating, the parachute moved slowly and once on the air, I realized I have to take control of the situation or else things will be worse. Although nervous, I took control and landed safely on the edge of another rock that seemed that it could clip off anytime. I jumped off again now with ease and a little bit calm. While on air, I could gaze down and I felt that I was getting used to it, in fact I enjoyed it now. We repeated this five times and finally, I was ease with the whole exercise and seemed to enjoy than all the others.

Facing my fear of heights was not easy, I could not have gotten over it were it not for my elder brothers. Although they forced me to jump over, I realized that in life we need strong minded people to push us over a situation. Since that day I swore that whenever faced with a difficult situation, I will always reach out help from my family and friends, people who are there for us. It real feels nice that a situation that has gripped and sent fear for such a long time was easily solved and defeated.

Rock Climbing . Custom Rock Climbing Essay Writing Service || Rock Climbing Essay samples, help

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