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The essence of God creating heaven and earth was to initiate life. Life was given to all living creatures we witness today, we human beings being the majority beneficiaries of life. Just like we associate day and light, night with darkness, life has got two major aspects, fortunes and misfortunes, opportunities and challenges. Personally, I have come to realize that life is very complex, and hence finds avenues of handing us challenges. The challenges we face in our day to day lives cannot only be attributed to nature since others are deliberately caused by the poor choices we make as individuals. Further, the difficulties that we face may be due to the poor choices made by our colleagues that either affects us directly or indirectly.

Having successfully completed my high school education, I managed to secure a place in a local company as an assistant accountant. The company had a tradition of hiring bright students, especially those who scored good grades in sciences and mathematics, as they prepared to various colleges. My position as an assistant accountant was attributable to my good score in mathematics.

As an accountant, I was given the responsibility of records keeping and partially reconciling the statements of the company's financial position. This was but off course under supervision since I had not worked in such a field before. I committed all my efforts to this company since I wanted it to excel and survive in the competitive environment. Some of the strategies that I used to accomplish my objectives were completing my assigned tasks in time and reporting to work place in time. Despite all my efforts, a difficulty presented itself. My immediate boss seemed not contented with my work and often confronted me on failure to deliver quality work.

This challenge really lowered my morale since I felt that my work was not being appreciated. Despite this challenge, I considered it as an opportunity and pressed on working extra harder than before. My decision of working extra hard paid me off since one morning; the boss came in and congratulated me as having greatly improved in delivery of services to the company. Surely, I considered this as a difficulty that I conquered heads on.

To conclude, it is important to appreciate the challenges we encounter in life. This is because challenges are part of our growth and development as human being and allows us to appreciate our efforts once we conquer them. Further, difficulties allow us to be creative. This is because difficulties create necessity thus propelling us to invent ways of conquering them.

A Difficulty I Overcame. Custom A Difficulty I Overcame Essay Writing Service || A Difficulty I Overcame Essay samples, help

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