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College life is all about finding a balance in life and there is always a first time in life, in whatever you do, thus this was my first time to go to college and would love to share my experiences. Moving to college was the most important thing I have ever experienced in my entire life as it provided me with an opportunity to learn new things such as being independent, new culture, friends and a chance to study and make my dreams come true. In addition, it is during my life in college that I learnt how to drink and learnt how to seduce and get involved with girls. It is only in college that you get to experiment and do things without people whom you care for a lot about thinking odd things about you.

College culture is full of peer influences and one may fall victim to such circumstances easily, I was no exception. With the rampant wild parties, female companions everywhere, the urge of not wanting to attend the classes, and the blissful culture that is always associated with college compared to the other learning institutions. I had to adapt to the college lifestyle since it was the first time in my life that I was living far off my parents who would keep constant watch on me. Keeping up with college is not an easy task because one is always torn between having fun and maintaining focus concerning the class work. Drinking and other college vices are always viewed as deviant by majority of the people; however it all depends on how you regulate your drinking habits and what you do after drinking alcohol. Regulate your behavior and they will not be a vice, contrary to the conventional ideologies. Adapting to college life is not a hard task after all, it all depends on your priorities and the way you balance your preferences. Ultimately, you have to attend the classes and at the end of it have fun.

It is usually a difficult and a trying time to make new friends in a new environment including college where we have all sorts of people with different characters, some good and others bad. The worst part of it is that you can not differentiate the good or bad at the first sight or interaction. Choosing your friends is one of the most challenging tasks in a new environment. I had no option but to make friends urgently because in college, it is difficult to make it on your own. However, it is difficult to trace good friends and the fear of joining a bad company is also instilled. The friends you choose ultimately determine your lifestyle. Unfortunately for me, I tumbled on bad company and before I could realize it, it was too late. The company I made prioritized having fun compared to class work. This meant partying almost all the free time, drinking and engaging in any activity that would make college life a time to remember. It is usually known that bad friends influence you in the wrong way and similarly good friends influence you in the right way. It is unfortunate that you can not evaluate a person you are first meeting in a new environment. In the short term, one can fall into bad company, but after a long duration of time, one can always review his or her choice of friends.


College life is usually an important stage in ones life as it gives you the chance to know who you really are and what you are made up of. It is in college that you can define yourself. Therefore, be careful of what you do while in college as this will determine your future life. It all depends on your priorities, if you are to evaluate the success of having attended college.

My Best Experience. Custom My Best Experience Essay Writing Service || My Best Experience Essay samples, help

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