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I wish to bring to your attention and express in terms most unequivocal, a case of culmination of unfair, demoralizing and dehumanizing treatment that I have suffered this whole semester under one of the professors in the faculty of business studies. The professor in question is one Professor Robert Purtel, my course instructor in class RPAD 501 Public and Nonprofit Financial management, with whom I have had a most unsatisfying relationship the whole semester. Whereas I could easily ignore the soar relation between us, I find it necessary to launch a complaint against the reward I got for being out of favor with the Professor, an award of a grade E in the above mentioned course. I find the grade totally unwarranted and the clearest proof that the Professor has had a personal vendetta against me in person.

My conviction that the Professor is being unfair to me is drawn from an examination of how he has treated me during the course studies. In the unlikely event that I may have actually failed in that course, I would attribute my failure to the Professor's outright discrimination against me for reasons I cannot begin to understand. On three occasions the professor asked me to take another course if I cannot understand what he is teaching. This embarrassing retorts have came to me whenever I asked him to explain a point that I had not understood. Naturally his response to my requests caused me great embarrassment and I chose not to ask further questions. In addition he deliberately ignored me whenever I raised my hand to make a contribution or answer a question.

Despite all this work I revised hard and sort help from my colleagues and I was able to pass in his assignments with straight As. I find it bewildering therefore I should be failed in a course that I completed 9 out of 11 assignments, scoring 16 out of 20 total points. Sadly in response to a concern raised by my Director Professor Dressler, Professor Purtel insists that I failed in the mid-term and final exams which account for 80% of the course grade. However, I find it unjustifiable unless he wants to claim I got zeros in the said exams. I strongly believe there is an error somewhere because I did well in both the midterm and Final exams.

I am therefore request for help from your office to have this issue examined more deeply and at least have the marking reviewed. I hope this will be done soon before the professor changes office hence making it a daunting task to make a follow up. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,

Omar Ihwainish.

Expression of Dissatisfaction. Custom Expression of Dissatisfaction Essay Writing Service || Expression of Dissatisfaction Essay samples, help

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