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It was during the Christmas season, and many people were gearing up with preparations for the Christmas. It was all as merry as a cricket in the atmosphere all over the place; you could see people in their bright faces and showing broad smiles. Those who were capable were planning to travel to new places. Those who could not afford were not disappointed either, they made use of the home opportunity to be happy. No one exactly wanted to miss the happy moments of the Christmas.

Thesis Statement

Society should not give up on the young people because they are the future.


For some time, I had lingering thoughts of travelling to new places, but was not able because of a busy schedule. I was on leave and had a chance of traveling to where I wanted. On reaching the town, I thought I had just made a journey of reality. I though I had just seen my dream come true. Rich architectural beauty, attractive colors, and lowland that impressed my eyes welcomed me. My eyes became as wide as saucers and glittered with ecstasy. This was what I met first. It was beautiful like a volcano.

The name Villa De La Vega suggests its beauty, having decorations of the Georgian architecture. I decided to take this opportunity to travel to the city that had been praised of having scenery that was as beautiful to the eye as it would be to the heart. The city I decided to visit was the Spanish town in Jamaica. The media has been awash with violence stories but I could not believe any.

"A town full of beauty,

At sight without pity,

But all in it, fishy,

Gun shots and screams the order of the day."

On the first night resting in the hotel room just before sleeping, I heard gunshots. I did not know exactly why the gunshots could be heard in such a beautiful town. My surprise came on the nine o'clock news on the Jamaican national television. The news was very clear and precise. "Gangs in the Spanish town have become notorious. The shoot outs and killings have risen at an alarming rate, and it is not a safe town anymore." Instead of sleeping, I drifted in to wonder land. The next thing I realized was the sun light peering through the room window. For the next ten days, I gathered so much information about the town. Young people especially the men had turned to be war rebels operating in gangs, armed with guns.

They were merciless like ambition. Human life was little of their concern. What mattered was the availability of drugs, guns, and obtaining their necessities even if it meant killing. Violent robberies, killings, and suffering were the order of the day. Residents lived fearing for their lives. All the violence brew by the fact that school systems in the town had failed, and parents failed to impart upstanding moral values to their children. It is because they did not care about their children's well being as long as they reached past the adolescent stage. Girls became prostitutes and barmaids. The place was all in a big mess.

After the ten days elapsed, it was time to leave the place for home. The condition in the town could not allow me to go the same way I came. I decided to stay and help to restore sanity the best way I could. It could take me a million years, but I offered to help. I had contacts with few humanitarian aids I my hometown. I made calls, informed them of the situation in the Spanish town and what I thought of doing. They accepted to help. They were as kind as the rainbow. Together with them, we set up five outreach programs. The outreach programs offered assistance in teaching the young people the importance of morality and disadvantages of wars and drug abuse. We set up small businesses owned by groups. The businesses helped them to get income that could provide for their needs. This attracted many youths of both sexes. The resultant impact was many of them gave up weaponry, drug abuse, and prostitution.


Violence reduced drastically. The youths became as busy as bees with productive work. Some of them became carpenters, masons, mechanics, nurses, and businesspersons among other professionals. This taught Spanish town residents and I a lesson. We should not give up on young people because they are the future. They have the energy that can help enrich the society in many ways. They are the bedrock of any society. When neglected, they become agents of destruction. The trip became as successful as I had not thought it would be.

Unpleasant Experience. Custom Unpleasant Experience Essay Writing Service || Unpleasant Experience Essay samples, help

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